Monthly Global Healing Forums

GLOBAL-HEALING-MINISTRYAbout the Global Healing Forum

Our monthly Global Healing Forums
is a divinely initiated blessing for all humanity
from Divine Beings in the Realms of Light
who are lovingly assisting the Ascension of our Planet.

Facilitated by Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD,
each forum provides a Global Activation advancing humanity
Into an Age of Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace.
The Divine Healing Transmission activates humanity at the DNA level,
activating the Divine Codes in the DNA to allow souls worldwide to embody their
True Nature and remember their innate divinity.

There is a tremendous light release that takes place.
Many feel a rush of energy during the Activation and
a lifting of dark energies that weighed the soul down.
Many are freed from conditions once thought incurable, irreversible or unchangeable.
Profound realizations, deep healings, releases and more can take place.

Your prayers and clear intentions allow the Divine Ones to administer to you.
As we all receive the cleansing waters of the Holy Spirit,
We are made new… returning to the pure divine consciousness,
ready to be Vessels of the greater healing that then takes place for all of humanity.

Month by month, you can bring your offerings to be cleansed
(patterns, beliefs, programming, pain, memories and more)
And through your psyche and all that is being released,
Healing can take place at the deepest levels for all humanity.
It is important to arrive prepared so that the greatest
healing and advancement can take place for you, your family and all humanity.

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