Search for a Lost Identity

Search For a Lost Identity
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

The immense challenges of the present era have brought humanity not only to the brink of disaster, but have catalyzed an unparalleled quest for truth that has compelled countless individuals to turn within. Research into this phenomenon brought me to a compelling question. Could humanity be ready to unlock the mystery of the Holy Grail?

In recent times, the Holy Grail has been purported to be the womb of Mary Magdalene, who, in carrying forward the lineage of Jesus, took flight from the Holy Land to protect the seed of her Beloved. While this story of forgotten love has its romantic appeal and importance historically, could there be a deeper truth behind a quest that has captured the imagination of souls through millennia of time?
Could the Holy Grail be a symbol of a lost Code of Identity buried deep within the human psyche, a source of great power and illumination waiting to be excavated? And if so, are the citizens of the 21st century ready to harness its power to heal the world? Inspired by a fervent quest for truth, could awakening souls worldwide bring this Lost Self to light, changing the course of earth’s destiny?
The search for the Holy Grail is, at the very least, a metaphor for humanity’s search for the Lost Self. Finding this Self and accessing its illumined wisdom and power could be the key to unlock not only the mystery behind the Holy Grail, but to herald in an age of enlightenment and truth. Like Mary Magdalene, whose purportedly true identity as the Beloved of Jesus is at last emerging out of the misinterpretations of the past, our own inner identity is calling to be acknowledged, setting many people on a quest as historically important as the outer quest for the Grail.
Throughout time, it has been human thinking that has dictated the fate of nations while the Lost Self and its authentic power have been denied a voice in the world. For so long, the human mind has strived to create harmony and balance in a world that is continually coming undone. The missing equation is the Authentic Self, whose presence was vanquished from the world in millennia past, coming to light only in rare cases where saints and sages east and west honored its inner voice. Calling to a wayward humanity in each era, this gentle voice has been trampled by humanity’s quest for material acquisition, its legacy and wisdom tampered with until there are only fragments of its truth in our greatest writings!
As Edmond Bordeaux Szekely so aptly put it, very often, the original intuitions of the great masters are lost as they pass down the generations. Modified, distorted and turned into dogmas, their values become ‘petrified’ in institutions and organized hierarchies. Choked by the sands of time, these pure intuitions must be excavated by seekers of Truth who can imbibe their true essence.
Today, many people share a unique quality in that they universally thirst for a lost power that cannot be attained by amassing wealth or taking over countries. In the last century, this quest launched the human potential movement and opened up the field of spiritual psychology. A vast array of self-healing products focusing on ancient wisdom and timely knowledge followed, along with a host of global conferences. This movement, based largely on noble principles and high ideals, has as its center point a vision of a raised humanity, a healed world, and an ecologically balanced planet.
The Quest for Self Actualization has not been easy. Having been inflicted with the subconscious wounding inherent in earth’s populations, the awakening soul today has sought a way to replace their disempowerment with a true and authentic power, turn their insecurity into confidence, transform their deep-seated hatreds into love, birth harmony from strife, and find peace within the stress of a modern world.
Compelled to climb a Mount Everest of adversity, the path of the 2012 Initiate has been an arduous trek through the nightmare of earth’s psychic pollution and its counterpart in chaotic current affairs. Experiencing the ravages of war-torn nations, children dying of starvation, women raped, minorities tortured, and a host of natural disasters, the Awakening Soul has a sensitivity that at times makes life on earth feel unbearable. But it is these same planetary conditions that are catalyzing people to take command of their lives. The grave challenges of this time are awakening many people to an unprecedented planetary conscience that is bringing new awareness to the dilemmas of this earthly existence.
The very existence of Awakening Souls on earth compels planetary change. The power in their numbers along with their ability to unlock the mystery of the Holy Grail and access its vision of a transformed world brings new light to the world situation and a hope to humanity. This dynamic equation is the catalyst behind many of the planetary changes that have been set in motion by people of great vision and heart. The compelling questions are…
Will Awakening Souls worldwide succeed in transforming the planet? 

Will enough people uncover the Holy Grail, revealing their lost code of identity? 

Will their own inner transformation be in time to lead humanity out of the gaping jaws of planetary disaster into the Promise Land of Freedom, Enlightenment, and Peace? 

Will the false promises of political and religious puppets continue to convince a lost humanity that salvation is at hand while the world continues to come undone around them? 
Or will the leadership and vision of awakening souls worldwide inspire others to trace their own Lineage of Light, uncovering their lost identities to find the Holy Grail within? 
Will humanity turn away from false prophecies and promises and instead heed the voice of the Indwelling Presence, the true source of wisdom and power in the new millennium? 
Will they have the courage to cast out decrepit systems born of the misuse of power, placing the Authentic Self on the Throne of Power in their consciousness, beings and worlds? 
The answer is yet to be revealed. 

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