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Violet Ray Activation Forum – 11.11.15

That channeling was beyond amazing! -Joya Delaney, “The Beverly Hills Shaman.” Beverly Hills, California

​I have been waiting so long for this Violet Flame Activation and WOW!!! Aurora really delivered!! She is such a selfless vessel and the Divine Ones poured through an activation​ that was even more powerful than the previous ones! I was stunned at the energy and I could feel the waves of the pure violet flame surrounding me and clearing and transmuting stuck energies and problems. I literally felt this. I felt so different after this call!! I feel so much peace and light!! I cannot wait to see how life has shifted after this call!! So grateful!! – Turiya Vallis, Host, Awakening Heart Network

Thank you! I can't even express in words how beautiful this is! All of these understandings about shadows, so much of my experience-and remembering, see, that is what it is-don't get caught in the illusion. Many blessings and so much love I feel and am so thankful for everyone coming together now. –Anna

It was so beautiful! As was also Divali. My Indian husband and I just put many candles throughout the house!! Its also Saint Maarten Day here in Holland, which is a feast for children who carry the light and go through the streets with that light singing. In the last hours, the energy raised enormously! Love you all! Much Love and Blessings from Holland, Buvana



Blue Ray Activation Forum – 10.10.15

Washington DC… Archangel Michael, the Elohim of the Blue Ray and the Divine Hosts of love and light gifted us with such a profound activation on this call!!! The Blue Ray activation was an incredible experience. There was a flow of transformational energy and light that flowed throughout the activation recoding us all to our Divine Truth and highest reality. Arch Angel Michael's words flowed pure and lovingly and every word was charged with such energy that after the call I felt such overwhelming joy and light, power and purpose. I felt changed and more aligned within. I am so eternally grateful to have been present for this call!!! So grateful!!!! –Turiya Vallis, Host, Awakening Heart Network

I am so thankful and blessed! Thank you! My consciousness has shifted! I can sense it now. This is such a gift, miracle, magic! I love you. How does it get any better than this? –Maria

Yesterday's healing forum was so filled with Love. Thank you for making it available for us. –Maureen

Thank you so much for doing these healing forums! I really felt my heart and energy open up in a way I had never experienced before with the Blue Ray Activation! It was really a gift from God for me. I feel so free!!!! –Liza D.

OMG! I journalled my intentions just before the call and as Aurora started to speak, I began to feel her words resonate with my journaling. I felt layers peel away and I become lighter…. Thanks for the gift! – Selena

Ashville, NC… Hello, I am swimming in gratitude for The Awakening Heart Network that is facilitating this world changing work with Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD. Today has been life changing for all of us. Everything is starting to make sense to me now. I realize that I am one of the Violet Souls that came here to do this work. Not too long ago I had a Soul Reading with Ronna Herman facilitated by Archangel Michael. In the reading he said that I was of the lineage Of Archangel Jophiel, but in this lifetime I chose The Seventh Ray (which is the Violet Fire of transmutation). I came to assist humanity in the restoration of Heaven on Earth. Everything Aurora talks about resonates with me on a Soul level as absolute Truth. Today was wonderful and I couldn't stop thinking about the absolute magnitude of our work. I have to say the whole process was magical. It wasn't until the music started (which came in perfectly on my computer), that my whole body started shivering, You know that high vibration when we feel and know that the Holiest of Holy are with us. Immediately I started crying. Something very strange happened while the tears were flowing. They only fell down the left side of my face. I have never had that happen to me before. I have to have that music. 🙂 I love you all very much, and am in the deepest gratitude for all you do in assisting us as we usher in The Golden age of Gaia. -Kathy

That was a very powerful initiation with Archangel Michael through Aurora. Thank you! -Maggie


This was such a beautiful miracle and blessing. Thank you with all my heart. xoxo –Anna E. Windsor


Emerald Matrix Activation – 9.9.15

Aurora is such a phenomenal Vessel of Love and Light!! She held the space for all of humanity and the planet to transform through the gift of the Emerald Matrix which was placed into the DNA of those on the call and Awakening Souls worldwide. Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary both came through so lovingly. The energy that filled the entire call was just incredible and then – opened up spectacularly… the call ending with a huge peaceful presence that engulfed everyone!! Such an amazing experience!!!! I am so so grateful!!!!! –Turiya Vallis, Host, Awakening Heart Network

California… Aurora as the Divine Conductor orchestrated the perfect divine Symphony for all the participants worldwide. Akin, to the potency and the divine force of Niagara Falls!!! I received a sub-atomic healing for a serious lingering health problem with majesty and grace. This coming week is my final test and I fully expect the impossible to be possible!!! The far-reaching implications of these precious waves of divinity and the geometric progression in benefit to the Earth and Beyond, cannot be measured, but, only, experienced!!! We are making history together and changing the entire junctionary of the Earth and Beyond, Forever!!!!! In profound appreciation always, Star

Sedona… Omg, Aurora, I listened live and replays sooooo wonderful! Thank you and the Divine Beings for the miraculous healings. Bless you for all you do. xo –Mari

California… Doc, this one was different! So much peace and joy! It made more sense somehow, I was in a place of quiet and just received it was great. Thank you x3​. –Jen F

The Emerald Matrix healing forum was so filled with Love. Thank you for making it available for us. -Maureen

Abundance Activation – 8.8.15

I am so amazed at all of the energy that I felt on the call. I was in tears! A beautiful call with beautiful people. Thank you! -Shafin


Thank you so much for doing this!!!! I feel such amazing energy pouring through my body. I feel like things have already shifted for me!” -Carrie S.

Aurora thank you so much for this and for all that you do for the planet!! I am so amazed at all of the energy that I felt on the call. I was in tears!” –Charlene G.

Dear Dr. Aurora, I am still buzzing from all of the energy. Fantastic call!” -Azaelea

Sedona, AZ… Beautiful, it's an honor to join in this global event. Bless you! xo. -Mari Riches


Freedom Activation- 7.4.15

Aurora is so profoundly gifted!!! I was completely stunned at the continuous waves of healing that poured (through her during the Global Healing Forum) not only for the listeners….but for the whole planet. Activation upon activation allowed for such an amazing healing experience for everyone involved. The love and power created such a tremendous healing force. I was literally buzzing and I feel so shifted and different. I am so grateful to have experienced such a phenomenal call. I really haven't experienced any thing like this …ever! -Turiya Vallis, Host, Awakening Heart Network

I just wanted to thank you for the 7 Ray Activations. I was so happy that I was able to make the call and listen in on the 4th. I have continued to listen to the replay because the love that I feel coming through from spirit is like no other. Thank you for being such a beautiful, kind loving human being. Thank you for your service to humanity. -Santoi Hill

California… Dear Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD, I experienced your magnificence, for the first time on the 4th of July, 2015. All my concerns about Greece, EU and USA are at Peace knowing that you are on watch. In deep appreciation. Love the Worlds of Light, Beyond, Forever, Star Langford

The Netherlands… Ooh wow Aurora!!! The 7 Rays Activations/Blessings were huge to listen to. Thanks a million! Exactly spot on and right moment. I will listen again. It was all huge. Every ray went very deep. I felt especially, with the crystal/diamond ray of Sirius, a very big remembrance happening… with a healing process physically and around my brain where it had felt like a hole was there. During the Activations, I felt the healing go there especially and felt the huge love from my Crystalline Self for taking this on for humanity. She told me that I can let that go now. Then the Divine Feminine and Masculine at the end was merging with the last ray. I saw it like portals in my head, that once were pierced in two and now with all Divine Love, that same force, went into healing. I said from my heart, “I know you are love and light,”…as i kept saying that… it changed into a great unfolding of a flower of light and started to move spiraling everything with that Light. The two portals became One and that shifted every molecule in my body! In my psyche, I had always felt withdrawn in myself, especially from the masculine structures and their aggression. It was very much a protection mode I went in, bringing my Divine Feminine to Earth. Now I felt ready to go forth from that huge Love of the Divine Feminine and infuse everything with that fearlessly. Same time the male female union took place, it clicked perfectly in as my next step, to start my business and bring my qualities and gifts to the world, which requires action (male side). Now I am embracing the male qualities within myself and the world, like discipline and organizing. I always felt a kind of pushing away of the masculine part of myself and life, as I wanted to feel free. Now I feel I can take those parts back into my life, but from a total different energy and perspective, infused with that Divine love, grace, joy, and ease in a free way! Wow what a beautiful Independence Blessing you gave to the globe, Aurora… and it fit perfectly with my steps into the independence I am making personally as well. –Buvana

The Global Healing Forum was wonderful! Really something special. xox smile emoticon. I listened to it July 4th with my sister, who is just coming out of a coma here in Washington, DC. It was much more exciting than the fireworks! –Eve Hennessa, Washington DC

Dear Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD, I experienced your magnificence for the first time on the 4th of July, 2015. All my concerns about Greece, EU and USA are at Peace knowing that you are on watch. In deep appreciation. –Star Langford

Amazing call and healing by Aurora Juliana Ariel. –Kar Roh

I am so amazed at all of the energy that I felt on the call! I was in tears! A beautiful call with beautiful people. Thank you! -Shafin

Aurora, thank you! The call was amazing! San-Toy, Mesa, Arizona

Prior to the event I spent a few hours, making a list of concerns and possible outcomes. When I heard Turiya say Aurora delivers in a big way, I received and expected the full performance of the divine in action!  Greece, EU, USA were at the top of my list as benefactors of these divine frequencies. Results: During the transmissions I sensed the presence of very important event taking place so … I tuned in and I connected with my heart, soul and hear a man speaking it was the Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, giving a speech to the People of Athens, Greece, declaring the 4th of July a day of Celebration, Justice, Liberation for all people. At this point I broke down and cried with tears of joy that my prayers and intentions were being heard and answered. 70% of the Greece people stood with the Prime Minister, refused to surrender their dignity, liberty and pursue of happiness. They laid every thing on the line, without money or resources but with huge hearts, convictions and a vision for a Europe and a New World. 2.) Indianapolis 500: Race car driver was saved by two huge Beings of Light. I had a vision of a sphere of light engulfing this race car driver and protecting him. This evening I went to a restaurant and heard two ladies talking about this incident. Apparently one of the ladies is good friends with this man who was saved by the divine. 3.) 4 young people were driving on the freeway, all of the sudden they were hit by a speeding car which caused the car to spin several times on the freeway. The car was completely totaled and no one was hurt. Absolutely, amazing but true. Proof of the Legions of Light and Divine Force in action every where. Every time I listen to the replay, I notice someone sharing a story or receive a phone call or cross paths with someone I know and they immediately share their special miracle. What these people all have in common is they are your usual spiritual people – ordinary people waking up to the vastness of who they are and the divine forces around us. I plan to continue to play the replay day and night as long as its available for the outpouring of miracles to continue . 4) As for myself I am starting to find my purpose, inspiration again in a big way !!! I am eternally in profound appreciation for all that has been given. I am humbled, honored to be given the opportunity to fully participate in this transformative Global Event. Love the Worlds of Light, Beyond, Forever, Star Langford, Redwood Shores, CA

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