Peace in a World of Chaos

Peace in a World of Chaos
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD
It is not easy to stand on the threshold of global destruction, constantly bombarded by dire prophecies and potentials, to constantly hear about the next planetary challenge that can end life on earth as we know it, while we strive to keep some semblance of peace and order in our daily lives.
Solar flares, killer bees, bird/swine flu the increasing virulence of storms, earthquakes, and tsunamis, islands sinking, AIDS and other pandemics on a grand scale, global warming, the escalation of violence and wars, the loss of our personal freedoms in the fight on terror. 
Add in the escalating challenges in our communities, the kidnapping of massive amounts of women and children in the global slave trade, the destruction of our loved ones’ hearts, minds, and bodies through ice, crack, and other drugs, killing sprees at schools by teenagers, and serial murders by individuals who were once innocent children severely abused by dysfunctional parents.
And if that is not enough, include all the end of the world prophecies around 2012 and the religious vigilantes screaming that we are in the “end times,” and it is easy to see why people are in a high state of agitation. This is a lot to face, let alone comprehend. Add a splash of coffee or a dash of alcohol or drugs and the situation becomes explosive! Is it any wonder that a huge percentage of our population is being medicated for anxiety and depression, or that countless individuals have become violent and angry, while others are driven workaholics?
Even if we’ve learned how to turn the television off, tune out the prophets of doom, and ingest only small amounts of negative news, the fact that we are facing a multitude of immense challenges all at once seems to weigh heavily upon us. It is an inescapable part of life in the 21st century a subtle influence running through our lives, which keeps us in a constant state of high stress. 
With so much to handle, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. We want to be effective in our daily lives and also do our part, but where to begin? It’s enough to just get through our workweek, keep the bills paid and food on the table. As our outer challenges mount, the last embers of our inner peace are extinguished, until we can’t remember the last time we felt totally relaxed.
Like rats on an endless wheel, we end up losing ourselves in constant activities. We try forgetting our troubles by overeating, abusing substances, or becoming couch potatoes as the television drones on. We block out the fact that we’re in a nightmare by focusing our attention on the endless soap opera lives of the people around us. We stay engrossed in the never-ending parade of movie, sports, and political stars. 
We may seek meditation and other spiritual practices, attend yoga classes and Tai Chi, but somehow we are still infected with the cloud of gloom that is presently settling over humanity, as we face increasing troubling conditions on a global scale. It is a lot to take in and to make sense of and if all the prognostications are true, we are in for some extremely rough times. This awareness hasn’t eluded us, though many of us try to pretend it’s not really happening. 
The world is coming undone around us, while we strive to keep a positive upbeat attitude, but will positive thinking advocated by many leaders in the human potential movement be enough? Will visualizations, prayers, and clear intentions resolve our planetary issues and set us on a new course? They may give us momentary peace, but the acceleration of personal dilemmas and dire global conditions are calling us to find real answers for very real problems.
Challenged by impending doom, we long for peace, but wars continue and the strain of personal relationships keeps us bound in conflict. We want someone outside of ourselves to do something about it, and we look to leaders to provide that escape route for us.
Finally, it begins to dawn on us that the escalation of calamities and challenging planetary conditions are an outer world reflection of what is going on inside of us and yet, we do not how to change it. We long to end suffering, to step free from misery and to have a moment of peace, but the bars of the prison are closing in around us. We stand at the 11th hour uncertain as to what our fate will be.
Its not so much the outer conditions in our lives that cause us to lose our peace of mind, it is our inner responses to these situations that take away our peace. It is the fear, grief, anger, upset, and rage that tear at our minds, bring stress to our bodies, and perpetuate conflict in our core relationships. So, how can we change that? 
How can we attain the peace of mind that saints and sages throughout time have spoken of, while honoring how we truly feel about the challenges we face?
How can we be peaceful in each moment and not feel overwhelmed with the personal and global conditions we are continually facing? 
How can we express our needs, cares and disappointments in a healthy and conscious way, without having our minds and bodies ravaged by uncontrolled emotions? 
How can we retain our sanity and health when our daily life is filled with so much stress and our personal relationships cause us so much strain?
The first step is to realize that our internal response to our life challenges must be attended to. If we try to bypass how we really feel, our pent up emotions may burst out later like a forest fire destroying everything in its wake. We can end up with an anxiety disorder, depression, or a serious alcohol or drug problem. 
We get ill when we hold things in or when we allow our feelings to destroy our peace of mind. We ruin relationships when our emotions run out of control. Gaining mastery over our psychology is an important key to finding peace in this new millennium and it is an essential piece to the puzzle that could bring significant positive planetary change.
One of the greatest discoveries I made from my years of research and work is that the outer world is a reflection of what is taking place within the psyche of humanity. When we understand that each one of us is having an effect on our present global equation because our little wars are translating into greater wars, our lack of peace is resulting in mass anxiety, and our unconscious actions are polluting the planet, we can begin to change that. By taking command of our own lives, we make a difference in the world. All it takes is an inner alchemy and we can change the way we perceive and live our lives, and to facilitate that, a set of tools and a map to guide our way.
If we do our part in establishing peace in our personal lives, the outer world will begin to reflect that. If we create havens of peace in our homes and core relationships instead of stressful dynamics without end, we will help anchor peace on the planet, one life and one home at a time. As we find peace inside, it will begin to affect others, creating a ripple of change in the world around us. 
Peace is just as catching as anxiety, so if we choose peace, the people in our lives, our businesses, our workplace, our government, community, and country will be infected with peace. Can this be done? Can we find inner peace? Can we live in harmony? The answer is yes, absolutely. I found a way that is simple and effective, and I am excited to share it with you. 
We have not been relegated to a prison planet where suffering is the prevalent theme, but we have lived that way forever. We have believed that suffering is a way of life on earth and that it is our fate, but that is not true. There is a way to end suffering. Yet, we have not had the knowledge or the tools until this time. It is a secret that has remained locked inside of us, a mystery that only the rare soul has had the initiative to solve.
While unlocking the inner world of the soul through many journeys deep into the psyche I made an exciting discovery. I found that humanity is not destined to endure continued strife. We have not been remanded to a penal colony of pain. The reason why we suffer is locked within our psyche and I found a way out. We can change the inner code of our being and rewrite our destiny. We can reprogram our human conditioning and change our future. We can heal our destructive, self-sabotaging patterns and emerge more radiant, empowered, peaceful, and clear. 
To realize our highest destiny potential, we must master our psychology and become wise stewards of our lives. By harnessing our true inner power, we will finally access our missing potential. By realizing our full potential, instead of operating out of a miniscule ten percent, we can pave the way for others to follow until the planet begins to reflect the higher nature of humanity rather than its basest, most animal-like instincts. Violence, hatred, and wars will disappear as humanity learns to embody its true nature and live in harmony and peace.
This is the destiny we were born to, not the strife-driven existence many of us feel trapped in. We are encoded with so much more. Our capabilities are beyond imagination. Our potential is vast and incomprehensible, but it’s barely begun to be tapped. This is the Ultimate Quest, the last frontier. It is an exciting journey awaiting those who would change the old movie of human suffering into a Victorious Life of empowered living and joyous accomplishment.
The inner template for world peace has called to us throughout time; sometimes we lift our busy heads and listen. Courageous souls have followed it, seeking surcease from a weary monotonous existence. A few have embodied it and their life records shine forth through millennia of time as standard bearers of what is available for each one of us. 
We have entered an extraordinary time, one far beyond what the world has seen or known. We are in the midst of a huge awakening, an exponential shift in consciousness that can change the world in a twinkling of an eye. This is one of the most powerful periods in earth history as we make our transition through the Gateway of 2012-2033!

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