Power of the Feminine Spirit

Power of the Feminine Spirit
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD
The Feminine Principle is rising. A light appearing out of a dark night, she is compelling a spiritual awakening in humanity. She is birthing a renaissance on earth. She is creating a quantum leap in the soul evolution of the planet and the tremors of her presence are being felt earth-wide.
It is through the Feminine Spirit that the soul aligns with a higher vision, attains a nobler destiny, and brings forth a greater vision. Through this connection, divine archetypes make their way into the consciousness of humanity and become manifest on earth. 
The Feminine Spirit has a heart for humanity and a desire to heal the planet. Her keen insightfulness is lending its creative vision to the challenges of our time. Her allegiance to beauty is restoring the wastelands we have created on earth. Her presence inspires life to bloom forth in the desert of time, and for nature to be reborn within the concrete jungle of human lives. 
According to Ken Kalb, author of Lightshift 2000, the Grand Alignment on May 3, 2000 symbolized the ‘Awakening of the Eternal Feminine.’ This planetary configuration was a conjunction of seven planets in the fixed feminine Earth sign of Taurus.
Describing the portent of this powerful sign in the Heavens, he says, “We will experience an unparalleled global metamorphosis and acceleration in human development. In this powerful portal of The Window, the Divine Feminine is giving birth to a New World, elevating and awakening humanity into a more advanced evolution, where the nurturing of spiritual qualities brings us back into balance with our sacred source. In mythology, Venus was Aphrodite, goddess of love and mother of Cupid, god of love. This powerful concentration of Venusian energy during the Grand Alignment has the potential of opening the heart of humanity and unleashing an unprecedented surge of love and light — unlike anything this planet has ever experienced!”
The Feminine Principle has been the missing equation in this world. Without this principle, wars continue and heartlessness rules. Her impact can be felt in many of the changes we are seeing, as women and indigenous cultures reclaim their power and take their place as citizens of the world lending their voice and global conscience to the planetary equation. It is through this side of our human nature that we receive our extraordinary insights and inspired visions. As the Feminine Spirit brings forth a new vision for humanity, the Masculine Spirit rises to fulfill it.
In the words of Patricia Cota-Robles, author of Home: Heaven on Mother Earth, “The masculine and feminine polarities of our Father-Mother God are BOTH necessary in order for us or any facet of Life to exist. This is true whether we are talking about a grain of sand, a flower, a Human Being or a Solar System. Both polarities must be present for life to exist, but for life to thrive and to reach its highest Divine Potential, both polarities must not only be present, they must be BALANCED.”
As the feminine and masculine principles rise within us, the wounded past is activated so that we can embrace and heal it. This wound in the psyche of humanity permeates our world, touching all with its woeful vibration. None of us escapes this inner pain, this sense of despair, this echo of suffering that keeps our planet immersed in a dark energy field. We felt its presence when we came into this planet, as we lay resting in the safety of our mother’s womb, and when we were learning to walk. We hear its voice of anguish in loved ones and feel it beating in our own hearts. It has tried in thousands of ways to get our attention, but we have been so programmed to focus on the outer world, it is only when we are personally afflicted that we become aware that it is there.
Each millennium has seen horrendous episodes born of this dark side of inner male-female dynamics. Shadow aspects have played their havoc until the heart of humanity has been laid to waste. These experiences have been etched into our psyche and branded on our world until we have believed there is no escape. What we have needed has been a lost part of ourselves that is not only feminine in nature, but masculine as well. It is this inner balance of raised masculine and feminine aspects of our psyche that has been lacking.
We have seen countless examples of the destruction of the feminine spirit as the fallen male played his role. Women were programmed to exemplify the martyr pattern, which has kept them feeling unworthy and less than to the point where they’ve allowed themselves to be disposable, uncared for, and unloved. Unconscious men have played these roles for them, abusing, murdering and raping.
Many societies today still view women as of less value as men, and therefore atrocities are still imposed on them. We see this in the African and Middle Eastern nations where women have no rights. Incest, a silent crime in our society that has long gone unchecked, has also contributed to women’s lack of self-esteem. The programming that women have no value except to be used by men has kept women from living empowered lives. It was only in the past century that women across the world began emerging from these “dark ages.”
There have been many tragedies on earth in the last millennia, taking away the power of the feminine spirit and dragging women down into the mire of endless dramas. At the heart of all the tragic circumstances are patterns of the fallen man and woman playing out roles for each other that have taught us about pain and suffering, lack and hardship. The wounds are deep and yet all patterns can be healed. The raping, pillaging, self-centered male must be healed, must be raised back into the noble knight. Feeling powerless and living from deep insecurities, he has sought to take advantage of others, to build empires that are self-serving. He has damaged or ruined people who have gotten in his way. He has climbed ladders to success by stepping on others, and all this to gain a semblance of power to compensate for his inner inadequacy. 
Fallen Man has created a world that does not appreciate nature. He has set up political systems devoid of Spirit. He has continually applauded those with wealth over nobleness of character. He has made the accumulation of money and possessions the highest attainment he could aspire to even knowing he will eventually lose it all when he passes on. 
Fallen Man has driven the world to the pursuit of wealth at whatever cost, advancing himself to the harm of others. He has trained his children to believe that those with money are the true inheritors of the earth, while everyone else is here to serve them. He has lost sight of the preciousness of life and the many gifts of an abundant nature kingdom that must be tended or it will be destroyed. Deep within his psyche, the Fallen Man is dissatisfied, for monetary fulfillment is fleeting. He must continually build citadels of power to appease the feeling of lack within his soul, for inside he has died to his true nature and has empowered his false self in the world.
The raised masculine principle never takes advantage of others, always feels he is enough, does not harm or abuse. He builds his life on noble principles. He knows that money and possessions are not a measure of a man’s true worth and that a man’s character cannot be bought. He knows that how he lives his life is the reflection of who he truly is.
The Fallen Woman has also lost sight of her Authentic Power. Disempowered, she has been at the heart of the martyr pattern, where women give their all while denying self, live in poverty powerless in the physical world, are used, abused, taken advantage of and left as slaves to the male appetite. The self-sacrificing, self-denying female must reclaim her true power as well, if we are going to see a change in current planetary affairs. Both sides of our nature are needed to part the sea and set us free to partake of the Promise Land and to rebuild our world upon the principles of love, unity, and truth.
As the Feminine Principle rises, there is a healing of male/female relationships worldwide. All the old paradigms that have kept men and women at odds are now dissolving as a true and lasting transformation is occurring from within. As the Masculine Principle rises out of a heritage that spawned wars, competition, pillaging, murder, and destruction, he is bringing his artfulness, mastery and power to a world calling for attention and healing.
As the Feminine Spirit rises, women of the world are beginning to take a higher path and accept a more noble reality for themselves. Leaving behind centuries of disempowerment, the Woman of the Time is paving the way for all women, breaking into areas of life that were once inaccessible, moving beyond taboos that were restrictive, and healing her deep insecurity about her place in the world. She is freeing herself from martyr patterns that kept her small and feeling powerless. These translated into beliefs that women were not equal to men, therefore, the feminine voice was not important in the world and so her vision and heart went unheeded.
As women band together, claiming their rights in a world that once kept women disempowered, the world is changing. The Feminine Spirit is rising into her power and taking her rightful place in world affairs. Women have become professionals, are helping lead countries, and are heading businesses and organizations. Many have earned respect in the community and have become financially free. These empowered women are now championing the cause of disempowered women worldwide. We see this with Oprah who works tirelessly to bring awareness to the plight of women in Third World countries, the sexual slave trade, and other dire circumstances.
Speaking to this change, Caroline Muir and Joan Heartfield, PhD share their perspective in their article, Divine Feminine, New Choices For the Millennium, “As this Third Millennium dawns, the worldwide emergence of Women as the undeniable determining force in each successive social equation, is becoming common knowledge. From the pioneering Women’s Consciousness Movement in the United States, to women’s ongoing and increasingly visible struggle for civil and religious freedom throughout the world, the planetary social order is progressively and rapidly being shaped and influenced by Women and their unique feminine consciousness.”
It is the feminine principle that is inspiring us to address the wounded feminine so that she can finally be healed. This principle creates beauty, wants abundance for all, cares for the needs of the children of the world, will not allow suffering, starvation, homelessness, forced slavery or prostitution. She brings her power into the political arena, making changes in laws that have disempowered and brought harm to others. She brings her healing abilities to a world calling for attention. She takes a stand for the plights of men, women, and children.
She inspires us to tend to the nature kingdom and create peace on earth. She cries out for causes she believes in and finally, her voice is being heard. She tells us that our planet needs healing and that we must address the current codes of humanity that are raping and pillaging the resources of our world, leaving deserts in their wake.
The Feminine Spirit is the embodiment of compassion and loving. Her legacy is oneness and unity. She heals the wounds of humanity. She creates a better future. She has compassion for the downtrodden and brings an inspired vision to those who have lived unconsciously. She seeks to awaken those who have brought harm to our planet. She embraces all life with a love that is unconditional. She is known as the finest qualities of womanhood, but is also present as the feminine or right-brained side of men.
As awakening souls allow the Feminine Spirit to rise within them, they come into a healing pathway that is a powerful catalyst for world change. It is a destiny calling the soul to a grander design, to a more magnificent reality, and more powerful expression than it has previously known. When the Feminine and Masculine Principles unite within you, you have a greater sense of wholeness and completeness that is then mirrored in conscious relationships. You come together in powerful alliances that serve a greater purpose. You embody a new archetype for love relationships and fulfill a sacred destiny on earth. 
When you restore the Feminine, you open channels of intuition that connect you with your true self. When you restore the Masculine, you find a new empowerment in dealing with the world. Empowered in both the feminine and masculine, you move gracefully between both sides throughout the day. You are a commanding presence, standing in authenticity, and bringing your enlightened self to every occasion.
Your male side empowers you to take clear actions steps, fulfill powerful intentions, address situations clearly, and bring forth lasting change. Your feminine side inspires your unique creative expression. You spend quality time with your family, nurture yourself and your loved ones, create a place for romance, passion and fun, and have a youthful radiant aliveness. When your feminine and masculine sides are balanced within you, you effortlessly address your worldly affairs with a clarity and accuracy that is timely and responsible while also taking time to relax and enjoy your life. 
How can you heal, raise, and balance your inner male and female sides, step into greater wholeness, and have conscious, loving, and fulfilling relationships? Read on. The secret formula is about to be revealed. It is through our challenging dynamics with the opposite sex that the inner imbalance of our male-female sides is revealed. This is the unique soul medicine the beloved brings, something I address in the next chapters.
Ilona Selke writes, in her book, Dolphins, Love and Destiny, “In the end BECOMING WHOLE BRAINED and using the intuitive side as well as the rational side is what we need to do to keep surviving as a species. We actually need to become MULTI SENSORY Beings… not just Five Sense beings trapped in the 3 dimensions. Once we are able to use our 6th sense daily we can no longer feel separated from others, and we will make choices that ensure a win/win deal for all concerned. It will allow us to enter the next evolutionary phase: being an enlightened human. Our environment needs us to make that shift soon.”
Both sides of our nature have been calling for healing. We must address the inner male and female sides, bringing healing and restoration to a dynamic within the psyche of humanity that is behind the imbalance of power in our world. In raising these two elements within us, we can experience the full glory of our authentic nature. As we tend to this inner healing, the world changes around us and begins to reflect divine, rather than human archetypes. Empowered, we fulfill our highest destiny potential.

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