A Prophetic Journey

A Prophetic Journey
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

For many, these are troubled times and from the many predictions circulating, we could be in for an increasingly rough ride before we sort out our present dilemmas and pave a new way. Holding to our Inner Peace is essential for the times ahead, but for many, quelling the fear that is bringing worry and concern is challenging in itself. And yet, there are many ways to keep a clear head and to make the wisest choices for your life.
Yoga, meditation, listening to soothing music, not overloading yourself with a constant barrage of bad news, and finding treasured moments to enjoy the beauty of nature and your core relationships is important. I find my best ally in TheQuest™, a breakthrough Self Counseling Technique I developed that can bring you from upset to peace in less than an hour. It is a way to consciously address the inner turmoil and quickly restore inner calm. It brings you back to the Place of Peace within, where you can access your inner wisdom and take clear action steps to remedy challenging situations, creating more harmony and fulfillment in your life.
We are on a prophetic journey that is affecting every person on earth, the outcome of which remains to be seen. We are in the throes of a rebirth, but still feeling the immensity of the Dark Night that is upon us. We long for vision and a way out of our planetary dilemmas, but these keep mounting every day. If it is not our health, it is the rising cost of gasoline, if not our relationships, it is our job security. Sometimes it is darkest before the dawn. This is the legacy of our current time.
The voice of Indian Elders, prophets, and Wisdom Keepers comes with a dire warning. We must wake up, for our unconsciousness has gone on too long. We are destroying our planet and are living out of shaky systems based on human greed, and these are about to collapse. It is time to move into a New World, one based on unity, harmony, and peace. If we fail to make the important changes the times are calling for, we could face increasing struggle and calamity on a grand scale.

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