TheQuest Testimonials

Jack Canfield, author of Success Principles and co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

TheQuest session with Aurora was a magical and helpful experience. It unblocked a subtle but powerful limitation in my life. I am grateful to her for her work and for her safe and gentle way of being.

Jared Rosen, Co-Author of The Flip and Inner Security And Infinite Wealth…

TheQuest is a rarefied healing system that works at such a core level, that ancient subconscious patterns clear at lightning speed. Aurora is truly a master!


Aeoliah, Author, Artist, Composer, Recording Artist…
I was pleasantly surprised to find TheQuest work to be so simple and straightforward, yet at the same time so dynamic and powerful in helping to shift deep-seated limiting energy patterns hidden within my subconscious. I found it to be a most healing experience to give a voice to my deeper feelings and express how I really felt about certain things in my life in a supportive, caring and non-judgmental setting that helped me to transform those patterns into the fulfillment that I desire. During the session I also enjoyed and appreciated the balance between voicing and openly expressing my feelings, and then later tuning into my Higher Self to allow and receive the messages from my own God Presence which made the experience my own personal empowerment that I cherish in my heart forever.

Michele Gold, Author of Angels of the Sea, Artist and Musician…
I had been feeling very sad, almost hopeless, which is very unlike my Nature, for quite awhile, and within 24 hours of TheQuest Counseling session with Aurora, it just lifted… nothing outwardly changed… and yet I felt happy inside, a peace with where I was at. It was huge. Aurora’s healing gifts are very powerful! The energy that had been suppressed inside me came forward and new projects began moving and many new creative ideas were bursting forth. I felt freer than I had felt in many years, happier, and filled with a quiet confidence that was battered for so long, and now was emerging from an ancient cocoon, with new shimmering wings with which to soar.

Aurora Juliana Ariel is a rare radiant treasure. Her magnificent alchemical gifts will embrace you and guide you in a manner filled with so much love and compassion, you will feel free, your most profound self validated to emerge and shine. To experience Aurora's powerful healing work is to sit in the center of an exquisite circle of angels, supporting your soul's deepest wish to transform and live the most exceptional, magical life you were born to live. 

Kamala AllenPh.D., Author of A Woman’s Guide to Opening a Man’s Heart
Aurora Juliana Ariel channels Mother Mary energy in an atmosphere of unconditional love and profound peace. Her gentle, effective approach to healing is a deep experience of nurturance and transformation.

Randolph Craft, founder, Pacific Planning Institute, and Pacific International Aging Center…
The space Aurora holds for healing is so powerful that one has no choice but to move forward in her Presence.

Christopher Connolly, Composer, Recording Artist, owner of American Leak Detection…
Dr. Aurora Juliana Ariel’s abilities as a Healer are so remarkable it is hard to put into words. My work with her was so profoundly deeply moving and transformational that I felt as if I had literally been bathed in the serene waters of the Holy Spirit. Her voice and presence guided me to a Divine place of Inner Peace. 

A former nurse manager in Wisconsin…
TheQuest process is awesome. I have been through a lot of counseling since the age of 18. I knew as an adult child of alcoholics, without a good role model, I was going to need guidance to overcome my past even at that young age. As a nurse, I have also been exposed to mental heath treatment methods in my career. I have never experienced anything as impressive and empowering. Aurora is a wonderful, loving person who creates a safe space for the deepest healing. —Virginia Furumo, who is now living her dream life in Hawaii

A Physical Therapist in California…
The diminishment of the human condition is based on lack of self worth and esteem, and no amount of verbal affirmation will transform us. It has to come from Alchemy within. In TheQuest counseling sessions, the very molecules are rearranged, as cells not nourished are now nourished from within. We are truly cleansed from this inner work. This is like a soul clean up, or 50,000 mile check up for the inner being. The best part is that the changes are permanent. I can't believe how changed I am. People notice a calm and clarity. I have not reverted to the pattern since our last session. I cannot think of a better birthday gift than a chance to heal the inner soul of the grief and debris from our years before. —D.J. Martinovich, Physical Therapist, Palm Springs, California

A teen in Hawaii…
TheQuest is a great way to get things off your chest and deal with feelings that have been deep inside and yet are affecting you in a negative way. It really works! —Aradeus Daffin, Maui, Hawaii 

Gone are the days of long drawn out traditional therapies! With TheQuest work, I have found a way to heal and transform any pattern or history from ancient to present times. The space she creates in her sessions is nurturing, loving, empowering and safe. I have found a new sense of purpose in life with each healing of the darker aspects of myself, a greater love for all that I am. TheQuest allows me to address issues as they come up and access the core of the issue to transform it all in one session! I am so grateful for Aurora's dedication to the healing arts and her loving presence, which has empowered me as a wife, mother, business woman, healer, and human being. —Colleen Lisowski, Business Owner, Kula, Hawaii

Aurora’s mastery shines as she navigates us through the terrain of our soul, allowing all of our self to be seen and expressed, thus granting greater freedom, wisdom, and insight. With her keenly trained mind, she lovingly and compassionately guides us in and through the closed doors and murky waters of our unexpressed parts, revealing hidden resources that bring solutions to our every day life, catalyzing deep awakening and a greater understanding of our self. — Rev. Adrianna Levinson, Vibrant Life Center, Boca Raton, Florida

Aurora embodies the violet flame. Transformation and healing occur in her presence. She is a miracle as is every experience I have with her. Colors are brighter, scents are sweeter, sounds are crisper, air is clearer. Working with Aurora is like buying a shuttle pass to Heaven. The entire experience of being human is a greater joy as a result of these clearings.

My heart is so open and full from this work. Being gently led through the deepest, darkest places leaves only gratitude, love and freedom. In every session we come quickly to the taproot of the issue, create safety for its exposure and transformation, and watch the magic with awe as the entire tree is healed. This work helps me feel so purposeful; proud to be a human, finally.

The tools that Aurora uses for healing are pure magic, like laser surgery for the soul. The operation is fast, relatively painless and totally effective. People would not choose to live with pain if they knew this was available. Miracles with Aurora are commonplace. In every session I have the experience that something very profound has taken place, something life changing of a permanent nature. The power of love to heal used to be an expression. After working with Aurora it is a fact. This gentle, precise soul surgeon is a master at healing. —Julie Mara, Business Consultant, Manager, and Professional Coach, Boca Raton, Florida

I thank the Angels for the day Aurora walked into my life! —Jason Kitchens. Entrepreneur. Kona, Hawaii

Aurora brings a special presence to her work as higher energies work through her causing transformation for the individual. I have personally experienced this and have benefited by releasing, clearing, and transforming at a very deep level. Experiencing her work, has helped me to take my own healing work to a deeper and more powerful level. —Lisbeth Johnson. Certified Rolfer, Registered Certified Craniosacral Therapist. Columbus, Ohio

My life is very changed. I am showing up different in my relationship with my husband, my son and others. TheQuest has brought me a renewed sense of faith in the Divine. –DB. Healer/Mother, Maui, Hawaii

Thank you for your deep and compassionate listening, Aurora. You have a very special gift and I feel grateful to get to connect and experience it. I was able to be more honest with myself about my feelings and needs in my relationship with a very close friend with a life threatening illness. My opening up with her brought us closer together. Thank you. TheQuest also enhanced my meditation experience, which was really great. They go together very well. —Paula Mantel. Owner/Educator/Producer. Discovery Learning Systems. Honolulu, Hawaii

I feel differently. My attitude has changed. I definitely have transcended my pattern. I am a whole new being! TheQuest session was like an exorcism, casting a demon out of my being that was like a leach, sucking the lifeforce out of me, and preventing me from being who I am as a person. After one session, I am a completely different person. —Bruce Travis, Author, Real Estate Agent, Wailea, Hawaii

TheQuest is a gift to our planet from the Angelic Realms, which transforms and blesses all who choose to surrender to the Love and Grace of the Soul. Aurora holds the keys to this sacred process, which liberates energies trapped for lifetimes, allowing true Freedom and Peace to become the basis for a happy, fulfilling life. —Mirra Rose, Spiritual Teacher, International Speaker, Healer, Wailea, Hawaii

Just thinking of you and appreciating having met you in Hawaii last year and what a gift it has been to me. My work and life has really changed and continuing to change because of working with you. On top of that I have felt really seen by you which has encouraged me to come out more with who I am in the world, something most others cannot do for me since they are not where 

Your style of counseling really resonates with me because it feels very organic to me, creative and natural in working with the psyche and what wants to be seen, acknowledged, transformed, and that our beings want this and know how to do it with help and encouragement and love. This has been an incredible door for me, and my clients are really benefiting. It is helping me to become who I am and what I am here to do. I’m feeling rather teary now with gratitude for divine guidance in meeting you and the serendipity of life when we open to the spirit. —Lisbeth Walters, Rolpher and Cranial Sacral Practitioner, Columbus, Ohio

I feel lighter… I loved the process! I have been thinking so much about everything I experienced! Many thoughtful doors have opened and I love the unfolding. It has been helping to shape the way I think and feel about my loves in my life and the lesson they bring. –Elli Clauson, Special Ed Teacher, Aspen, Colorado

After years of being in and out of therapy I had changed my life very little but after four Quest Counseling sessions with Aurora I was a new person. Traditional therapy scratched the surface where as TheQuest dove right into the root of the issue, uncovered the truth, and healed that aspect of my inner self. I’m finally free of the unhealthy part of myself that was holding me back for years. I thought it was hokey at first but I thought I’d check it out anyway – by the time we were done with our first session I was totally amazed by the amount of healing that took place. The sessions have been the most powerful events in my life – I never thought transformation like this was truly possible. I’m no longer a victim of the past and my emotional traumas have been set free. I have my life back! I’ve made more progress in a few counseling sessions with Dr Ariel than I have in years of therapy. –Lance Koberlein, Realtor, Denver, Colorado

After 20 years of being intimately involved in the human potential movement, attending every conference I could, reading every book, listening to speakers,and applying their principles, I was never taken to the places I was told they would take me. They just didn't hold up and I would soon be back into my old patterns without knowing why things were not working for me. Then I met Aurora and started receiving TheQuest counseling sessions. Right away, after the 1st session, I realized there was a deeper place I needed to go to resolve the issues in my life. I learned the importance of finding the root of the problem instead of adopting a philosophy that sounds great but which doesn't eliminate the effect things have had on my life.

My life has changed considerably with the elimination of stress, eliminating guilt and frustration, and knowing I can be completely honest with myself and those around me. My self-esteem has been restored to a new high. Each day I look forward to meeting new people, making friends, creating relationships, and enjoying new, and exciting experiences. There is a new outlook on life that has never been there before, and I am free to achieve my goals and aspirations. I am so grateful for this life changing experience of TheQuest, I want to help deliver this message to the world. –Bill Mollring, Entrepreneur

After TheQuest session with Dr. Aurora Ariel, I felt re-invigorated, more alive but most importantly, have freed my heart and opened it up even further than before. It doesn't stress or worry me like it did. I love that. I've even started reading TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny, and am finding myself even more open to all sorts of changes more than at any other stage in my life. I am channeling my energies into really great creative things. I know I've a lot of love to give, am a passionate individual but right now I'm putting that love and passion back into myself. I think that's where love should go first. I'm writing more than ever, swimming, working out in the gym three times a week, taking boxer-size and yoga classes, acupuncture sessions, regular bike rides, and employing a personal trainer to help me tone up my body, along with daily meditation to sharpen up the mind even more. I am feeding my soul and feeling a huge urge to get out there and dance again. I now find myself a little happier and at peace every day.  – Mark Rasmussen (Sydney, Australia)

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