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Aurora.Headshot-199x300Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD
#1 Bestselling Author, Creator of TheQuest,
Award Winning Author of the Earth 2012-33 series

Dr. Aurora Ariel brings her dynamic vision and missing piece to our
present planetary equation in landmark discoveries from years of pioneering work in the psyche
resulting in the development of a life altering healing system and
advanced healing protocols in Neuroscience, Psychology and Health

Dr. Ariel gives very real tools, timely information, Alchemical Keys and provides healing for callers
as well as Personal and Planetary Healings at the end.
Each interview has been a landmark experience for the listeners
who then have knowledge and tools for life to actualize a greater potential and
fulfill a Higher Destiny than the fate their human programming would dictate
avoiding life sentences of suffering

Aurora has paved a way out for humanity and gained the
mastery, tools, and knowledge she is passing to an Awakening Humanity.
Her Vision is Global and her Ministry is healing and advancing souls worldwide.

Find out why 2012–2033 is a significant passage unlike any the world has ever seen
as Aurora unveils the future and shares the deeper truth about the Coming Times
and our unique purpose within it


Pioneering Doctor and Healer: Developed TheQuest, a breakthrough Healing System & Counseling Technology

Hawaii Business Woman of the Year 2014 Finalist (non profit sector)

Award Winning Author: Earth 2012-33:The Ultimate Quest, How to Find Peace in a World of Chaos

#1 Bestselling Author: Transforming Through 2012

Endorsed by Who’s Who Worldwide

Kahuna in Hawaiian Tradition: Successor of Hawaiian Kahuna & Shaolin Grandmaster, Kimo Pang

Business Owner:  Dr. Ariel heads a Global Healing Ministry with 7 vehicles for positive planetary change. She is the Chairwoman, Founder & Executive Director of The Aurora Trust and its 7 Star Global Healing Ministry through the Temple of Sacred Alchemy, the Institute of Advanced Healing, TheQuest University, AEOS: A New Frontier in Multimedia Arts, Sacred Alchemy Films, and the Earth Vision Foundation

Author of 9 books: Earth 2012-33: The Ultimate Quest; Earth 2012-33: Time of the Awakening Soul; Earth 2012-33: The Violet Age, A Return To Eden; Earth 2012-33: Oracles of the Sea; TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny; The Indwelling Spirit: TheQuest Healing Journal. Co-author: Transforming Through 2012; Messages of Peace From Hawaii.

Educator and Trainer: Dr. Ariel trains and certifies individuals in the following programs she developed: TheQuest Life Coach/Counselor 1 year Certification Course, The Sacred Alchemist: Adeptship in the New Millennium trainings, and Total Life Transformation 1 year Programs

Sacred Site Tour Leader: Dr. Ariel heads Sacred Alchemist: Adeptship in the New Millennium World Tours, holding Mastery Trainings at Sacred Sites around the world.

Recording Artist/Singer: Gypsy Soul: Heart of Passion; Renaissance of Grace; River of Gold, 12 Awakening World CDs: Celestial Fire; Echoes of Eternity; Embrace of the Beloved; Everlasting Joy; Light From Realms Eternal; Love’s Eternal Flame; Love’s Sacred Fire;, Mystic Echoes; Rainbow in a Blue Sky; Sacred Destiny; Soul Freedom.

Music/Audio Producer: Gypsy Soul: Heart of Passion; Renaissance of Grace; River of Gold; Rivers of Life, 12 Healing Music for an Awakening World CDS with renowned multi-instrumentalist, Bruce BecVar and Krystofer Gabriel; Healing Power of Love – Healing Transmissions from Realms Divine – 7 audio CDs; and The Sacred Knowledge Collection (3 CDs) on: Exploring the Afterlife, The Soul’s Journey, and Journey into the Future 2012-33.

Available Upon Request:  Earth 2012-33 ebooks, Earth 2012-33 Book Reviews and Endorsements, Renaissance of Grace Music CD Review, River of Gold Music CD Reviews, TheQuest Endorsements and Testimonials

nMU4yjB9zsGtCl7zQJTJAhdjO46oonfYhWNkBUdh1wXvED7yJtC0tJJCLOBaEYAxvPEp3PPgwfac6-RV1wuJ=s0Dr. Ariel’s Presentation

Pioneering Doctor and Healer, Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD, is a #1 Bestselling Author, Creator of TheQuest, and Award Winning Author of the Earth 2012-33 series. She brings an exciting ‘missing piece’ to our present planetary equation with her unique perspective on 2012-33, which she calls ‘The Gateway to the New World.’

Through years of pioneering work in the psyche, she made many landmark discoveries, uncovered the cause of suffering, and developed a cure that could change the destiny of the planet. Distilled into seven powerful steps, TheQuest is designed to accelerate a personal and planetary transformation that could help end suffering on Earth. That, along with a cutting edge Neuroscience interface she provides in personally tailored Optimum Health and Lifestyle programs, has transformed conditions once thought incurable, irreversable, or unchangeable.

Weaving a blend of her personal discoveries, sacred prophecies, prophetic visions, and scientific predictions around 2012-33, she unveils a glorious potential that is casting its first rays of light on Earth, illuminating the Dark Night we are presently passing through, and providing a “missing piece” to traversing the challenges of this time. She brings a remedy for a world in travail in her breakthrough Self Healing System, TheQuest, and provides timely answers, a complete body of knowledge, and tools for people to master their psychology, heal their Shadow (dysfunctional patterns), and live their highest destiny potential.

Her life’s work and book, TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny, “could ignite a revolution in consciousness so powerful, it can restore Peace on Earth.” In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Ariel unveils her breakthrough Self Healing System, 7 Master Keys to Inner Peace, and TheQuest Life Mastery Path. She demystifies the psyche like no other work has done and provides tools to quickly resolve issues, heal addictions, restore harmony in relationships, master your psychology, and remove the scars from your painful past.

An exciting speaker, Dr. Ariel’s message inspires audiences around the world with timely knowledge and and a way to rapidly heal and transform their lives. She is available for interviews, TV/Radio appearances, articles, speaking engagements, panels and to present her landmark work at global conferences and events.


IMG_0634About Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

SHORT BIO:  #1 best selling Author, Creator of TheQuest, and Award Winning Author of the Earth 2012-33 Series, Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD is a Pioneering Doctor and Healer whose research and work have given her a profound understanding of the psyche and tools to heal an ailing humanity. Over years of pioneering work in psychology, neuroscience and health, she has made many landmark discoveries, bringing a new understanding to our present planetary dilemmas and providing a way out for humanity. Working with countless individuals with miraculous results healing conditions once believed incurable, unchangeable or irreversible, she has freed people from life sentences of suffering, showcasing a way to end suffering on Earth. She holds 38 certificates and degrees in advanced healing methods as well as a BA, MA, and PhD in psychology. She is also a Kahuna in the Hawaiian Tradition, successor of an Hawaiian Kahuna in the Morna Simeona Lineage, Shaolin Grand Master Pang. Her landmark discovery of the cause of suffering and the development of a cure is her legacy to a planet.


Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Pioneering Doctor and Healer – Healing Lives, Changing Destinies    

Whether its pioneering work in the psyche, heading her Global Healing Ministry, bringing out her landmark discoveries in global conferences, writing books, leading TheQuest and other Trainings, or expressing her musical talents, Aurora Juliana Ariel possesses the proverbial Midas touch. Her brand of alchemy is the sacred sort, yielding a gold one can only discover within. Pioneering doctor and scientist, author and musician, entrepreneur and producer, mystic and healer, Aurora is a Renaissance woman for the New Millennium.

#1 Bestselling Author, Creator of The Quest, and Award Winning Author of the Earth 2012-33 series, Aurora is a pioneering doctor whose research and work have given her a profound understanding of the psyche and the tools to heal an ailing humanity. She has successfully healed conditions once thought incurable, irreversible or unchangeable, releasing countless individuals from life sentences of suffering. Aurora holds over 38 certificates and degrees in advanced healing methods as well as a 3A, MA, and PhD in Psychology. Dr. Ariel is also a Kahuna in the Hawaiian Tradition and successor of Hawaiian Kahuna, Shaolin Grand Master Pang in the Morna Simeona Lineage.

Aurora was awakened in her teens to a planetary conscience that inspired her mission and dedicated her life to the healing and advancement of humanity. At that young age, she received an extraordinary divine sponsorship that helped guide her destiny, giving her a vast body of knowledge, deep understanding of global conditions, their underlying causes and remedies, and an exceptional healing ability that has resulted in countless transformed lives since she was 16.

Catalyzed by her mother’s severe mental illness beginning when she was 19, Dr. Ariel’s quest to find the cause of suffering led to a cure in her revolutionary breakthrough psychological (soul) healing system, The Quest. Working with countless clients over many years with miraculous results, Dr. Ariel’s landmark discoveries inspired the development of a complete Self Healing System, rehabilitation models, advanced healing protocols, programs and courses.

Distilling The Quest into a seven step counseling technique that is easy to apply, she is now passing this breakthrough technology to the layperson as well as to practitioners worldwide. Intent to have it available for everyone who needs it, she released her book, The Quest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny on Christmas 2009 and began gifting the digital copy FREE (forever) via her websites. TheQuest Healing Journal and TheQuest 7 Step Self Healing Technique CD followed, completing TheQuest Complete Self Healing System.

Dr. Ariel has successfully worked with Youth At Risk, addicts, abusers, and the abused, serious illnesses and trauma, and a host of dysfunctional personality traits and life conditions with tremendous results. She found that every issue can be resolved, every pattern can be healed. We can change the conditions in our life. Her pioneering work provides a ‘missing piece’ that can greatly increase the success rate at rehabilitation programs and health centers worldwide.

In 2000, under the direction of Mother Mary, whose appearance with the scent of roses initiated her divine sponsorship of Dr. Ariel’s life’s work she founded the Temple of Sacred Alchemy (a Hawaii based nonprofit 501c3). Aurora was then inspired to translate the powerful healing technique she had developed as Sacred Alchemy into an application that would be readily accepted worldwide. This was TheQuest.

In 2003, She opened the Temple’s first division, the Institute of Advanced Healing, to interface with the public and bring out TheQuest worldwide. In 2005 she created a model chapter to showcase how TheQuest could serve communities around the world. From 2009 – 2010, she developed rehabilitation models that can be implemented in prisons, rehab centers, and programs for abused women, youth at risk, veterans with PTSD, and the mentally ill. In 2012, she founded the 2nd division, TheQuest University after developing 7 level certificate training courses, TheQuest Forums, and other programs.

Inspired to translate her knowledge into healing, life transforming media productions, Dr. Ariel set up AEOS, her Hawaii based multimedia company, releasing a first 34 products in seven collections of healing inspired music, books, and audio CDs in 4 years, including her award winning first book, Earth 2012-33: The Ultimate Quest, which highlights TheQuest as a remedy for a world in transition. To date she has authored 9 books (2 co-authored), produced and narrated 11 audio CDs, and produced 16 healing music CDs, 15 of which she co-composed and sang on. A host of exciting music, books, TV series and films are soon to follow.

IMG_1350Aurora’s Contact Info:



P4240069Potential Interview Questions

TheQuest Interview Questions

How can people heal their lives and change their destinies?

How can a person go from anxiety to peace in minutes?

Why is humanity encoded with a false reality?

Why has humanity forever lived the fate dictated by their unconscious patterns and is there a remedy?

How can people transcend their human conditioning to actualize a higher potential?

Why do many people who have come to Earth for a higher purpose fail to accomplish that?

How can a person fulfill their highest destiny potential?

Through your landmark research and work, you found the cause of suffering and a cure?

What initiated your quest?

Tell us about your breakthrough Healing System, TheQuest and how it can help

What is TheQuest Life Mastery Path and how can it help people master their psychology, actualize their full potential and fulfill their Highest Destiny

Given the Shadow Self, Is Self Mastery attainable?

You say Spiritual Bypass can make you ill. How?

Tell us about TheQuest Life Coach and Counselor Certification Course.

Can anyone take this or do you need a degree in psychology?

You also have a Sacred Alchemist: Adeptship in the New Millennium Certification Course coming up. Tell us about it.

Tell us why you have offered TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny book FREE and how can people get it?

You’ve produced many healing music Cds that are in an unknown language.
Tell us about the significance of these songs and their healing abilities.

Earth 2012-33 Interview Questions  

You’ve written extensively about the future in your Earth 2012-33 books. What future do you see for humanity?

Many have a dark view of the Coming Times, why do you believe things will be different?

You call the period between 2012-33 the Gateway to a New World. Why is this time period significant?

Tell us about your hypnosis Journey into the Future and what you witnessed from 2012-2033.

How can people best prepare for the coming times?

You mention the Violet People throughout your Earth 2012-33 series. Who are they and what are they doing here?

What are some of the 22 master qualities of the Violet Person?

Are there Violet Children and how are they different from the Indigos, crystals, and other children of this time?

What is the significance of Lemuria and its impact on Awakening Souls today?

If Earth was created as a Garden of Eden with an enlightened people that
expanded into a global civilization, why is there suffering on Earth?

Tell us about the cure you developed that could end suffering worldwide?

What initiated your quest?

Tell us about your breakthrough Healing System, TheQuest and other advanced protocols.

Your book, TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny has been downloaded around the world for free.
Why was it important to gift it to the world at this time and how can people get it?

What is TheQuest Life Mastery Path and is Self Mastery really attainable?

How can people actualize their full potential and realize a greater destiny or they fated to reap the dictates of their human conditioning?

Tell us about the Life Coach and Counselor Certification Course.

You are a music producer, composer, singer, and recording artist and have produced many healing music Cds that are in an unknown language. Tell us about the significance of these songs and their healing abilities.

Besides Journey Into the Future 2012-33, you have two other audio Cds in the Sacred Knowledge Collection from other hypnosis journeys: Exploring the Afterlife: Death, Dying and Beyond, and The Soul’s Journey: Preparation and Embodiment on Earth. Tell us about them and what you discovered.

IMG_0549Potential Healing Offering at the End of the Interview

It is Aurora’s great joy to offer Soul Remedy and Global Healings for Personal and Planetary Transformation at the end of the interview. 12 minutes should be allowed for this. Aurora has a special ability to call in Healing from the Realms of Light on behalf of individuals, humanity and the Earth. Working closely with Divine Beings on Higher Realms, her Global Healings facilitate an unprecedented personal and planetary transformation that can include timely Divine Messages for the Souls of Earth, activations, third eye opening, soul acceleration and advancement, DNA restoration and activation, brain chemistry balancing and restoration, healing on every level including unconscious patterns and inner aspects creating suffering and distress, relationship dynamics, self image and self esteem, clearing of homes and land, and light releases to free individuals, families and communities from dark energies, negativity, weights, burdens, and conditions through incurable or unchangeable.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKey Appearances on The Coming Times,
2012-2033, the Ascension, and New World Panels

April 2010 – New Living Expo, San Francisco. Ascension and 2012 Panel with David Wilcox and others

March 2009 – New Living Expo, SF, 2012 Panel, 21st Century Visionaries Panel

October 2009 – Conscious Life Expo

Feb 2010 – Conscious Life Expo

March 2011 – Conscious Life Expo

October 2012 – Conscious Life Expo

March 2013 – Conscious Life Expo

Some of her many Landmark Radio and TV Interviews:

Awakening Heart – TeleSummit

Be The Change Show

Envision This Media

Success the Intuitive Way Summit

Soul Talk

Jazz Up Your Life

Unleash Your True Purpose

Soul Speak

Healing Heartsong – TeleSummit
Your Divine Uniqueness – TeleSummit

       From Heartache to Joy – TeleSummit with Eram Saeed

  Life On Maui TV Show

BBS Radio UK– Host Michael Quinsey

Communicating From the Heart: The Empowered Mother Daughter Relationship

Metaphysical World & Beyond, Host Nancy Wallace, Achieve Radio,

Hollywood! Clout Radio Show, Air America Radio – Host Richard Greene

Spiritual Truth Radio Show – Host Margaret Wendt

Mind Body Spirit Radio – Host Liah Howard

Pathways, Host Paul O’brien, Oregon’s KBOO FM Radio

Grand Dark Conspiracy, Host Daniel Bautz

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