Renaissance of Grace

Aurora Juliana Ariel is one of those rare artists whose clear voice and beautiful music transmit to more than just the ear, but reaches into the listener‘s heart with hidden healing messages. Coupled with the extraordinary talent of musician/composer Bruce BecVar, Aurora‘s offering awakens our inner peace and invites our own calm center to bubble up to the surface. Aurora‘s mystical language is at once both exotic and familiar, adventurous and comforting.  Renaissance of Grace, as one of the song titles indicates, is truly a Journey Of The Heart: one pleasurable piece of music after another that you will never want to end. The work as a whole lives up to its name.-Pamela Polland, Award Winning Recording Artist, Vocal Coach

Aurora's music connects you to your heart and immediately calms the whole body.  I put her CD "Renaissance of Grace" in as I was driving the other day and it has not left car ever since. Every time I drive I listen to her music and just let the sensation of peace wash over me. Aurora's vocals are so pure and beautiful and I find if I'm feeling upset or anxious her music takes me directly to my heart and higher self. She has such a gift and I am so grateful she shared that gift with me.Lots of love and light,
 Linda Whittington, Yoga Instructor, Sedona

Creations Magazine Review… Here is an interesting, interesting piece of work. The music, which I could only poorly describe with words, at times felt (not sounded) Enya-like, but with a Latin sensibility, a perception which was helped along by a Spanish feel to the words. But then, the words weren’t quite Spanish. A look at the liner notes provided the clue: the songs are channeled (though the artist doesn’t use that word), as is the language.” What amazed me in this offering was the lack of self-consciousness in the music (as well as the performance), and the quality of the language, which over the course of the album seemed to encompass all that is melodic in the various languages of our planet. I believe these songs. The shape of the tones and words are evocative and expressive without involving left-brain comprehension. The back-up musicians are also excellent, and take the term “world music” to a new level. –Review by Mark Maxwell Abushady, NYC

Radio Indy Review, October 2008… “Renaissance of Grace” is the beautiful solo debut from Hawaiian new age/gypsy artist Aurora Juliana Ariel. Centered around the exotic, sensual, and worldly vocals of Ariel, and with the help of multi-instrumentalist and backing vocalist Bruce BecVar, this album delivers nine solid new age songs that fans of the genre and new age newcomers alike can thoroughly enjoy. The musical arrangements are led by stunningly and skillfully styled finger picking acoustic guitar work, though they incorporate a number of exotic and worldly instruments, such as the flute, violin, and percussive instruments, as well as light ambience, to perfectly accompany Ariel and BecVar’s stellar vocal performances. The songs are mystical, transcendent, and uplifting, and take you to a happy place. “Renaissance of Grace” is well-recorded with a great balance of vocals and arrangements, and has a great sound for wine tastings or relaxation. “Breathless Wind” is a slow-paced track with some flute work, an excellent finger picking guitar arrangement, and great vocal harmony between Ariel and BecVar. “Under a Shiva Moon” has a solid arrangement with nicely layered rhythm and lead guitars, a nice beat, and immaculate dueling and harmonic vocals between Ariel and BecVar. “Renaissance of Grace” is truly an incredible debut from Aurora Juliana Ariel with something to offer not only new age and world music fans, but also music fans in general. -Chris & the Reviewer Team

RJ Lannan, Reviewer, Both Sides Now… If there is one thing I can claim firsthand knowledge of, it is the unique spirituality that the Hawaiian Islands fosters. Aurora Juliana Ariel, a resident of Maui, harnesses that power to expand her awareness, teach personal growth and write some interesting music. I mean interesting in the way that piques the curiosity. Using World and ethnic backgrounds and blending Hawaiian rhythms, she produces some thoughtful compositions. The music is light New Age and the vocals are warm and somewhat romantic on her latest album Renaissance of Grace.



Aurora is a Doctor of Psychology as well as a practicing Kahuna, a Hawaiian mystic trained in the arts of healing. I am quite surprised that this tribute is passed onto a haole (white person), but her bio says so. I can only assume that she is very good at her arts for it is certainly an honor to be a Kahuna. What is noteworthy on the album is that Aurora is joined by legendary guitarist Bruce BecVar on guitar, bass and as chief collaborator. Also joining her is Brian BecVar on orchestration, Peruvian Shaman Tito LaRosa on pan flutes and Rafael Padilla on percussion. The music is quite good.

The title cut Renaissance of Grace is a soft, dreamy ballad with an almost Spanish feel. The lyrics are "created language", words that come to the musician as she composes her music. The song is a celebration of two hearts that have found each other. It is more than fate or kismet, it is destiny fulfilled.

Love's Sacred Fire is prayer-like in its composition. It is a melancholy song at first listen, but quite beautiful and it became a favorite. La Rosa's pan flues are exquisite in the background, sounding somewhat like Christopher Franke's soundtrack for the Celestine Prophecy. Rather ironic I should say. Love’s Eternal Flame is another ballad with Aurora sweetly singing with BecVar in what I at first thought was Hawaiian, but it is more created language. Whether I understood the language or not became unimportant. The feeling of the song was obvious and quite honest. This music was really starting to win me over. Noteworthy is sweet violin by Rachel Handlin and Dom Lax on the tune Tere Vas Da. The final cut Peace on Earth isn't just a wish; it is a heartfelt hope from this accomplished healer and songstress.

The music on the album is consummate BecVar guitar tunes and wondrous sentiment by Aurora. The lyrics still strangely sounds like Hawaiian to me, but considering the environment, I am not surprised any longer. Overall, I liked the album with its positive message and positive energy. The tunes for the most part, were on the soft side and very relaxing. Many years ago I left a part of my heart in Hawaii and this music reminds me why it will always be there.

Bill Binkerman, Both Sides Now Review… It’s hard for me to imagine a "poor" Bruce BecVar album. While this is technically his paramour's (Aurora Juliana Ariel) CD, his fingerprints are all over the place. As a result, it's an enjoyable release. Besides BecVar lending his appreciable talents (on guitar, bass, synths, and vocals), his brother Brian also guests on orchestrations (in fact, at times Renaissance of Grace reminded me of Brian's under-appreciated 1995 CD, Once in a Life). Other instruments featured include pan flute (Tito La Rosa), percussion (Rafael Padilla) violin (Rachel Handlin and Don Lax) and drums (Michael Buono). Ariel's vocals are the show here, though, and she proves up to the task. As she showed on Bruce's last solo work, River of Gold, she possesses a warm engaging voice. Not the strongest I've heard, but complemented as it is by seasoned pros and in the service of strong compositions (co-penned by her and Bruce BecVar), it's more than good enough to blend with the CD's soothing mixture of new age and world music.

The liner notes allude to the album's inspiration, which was borne out of some metaphysical experiences the singer had on her island home on Maui. It’s hard to decry the obvious sincerity and passion which this text alludes to, so I won't play the jaded cynic. Goodness knows, artists in this genre find inspiration in many places and circumstances and music of this type is unlikely to spring from a few glasses of pinot grigio or a game of no-limit Texas Hold' em.

Sadly, the liner notes do not include lyrics and an email went unanswered (as to the languages being sung in by Ariel and BecVar). I think she is singing in either Spanish or Portuguese and he is singing in Hawaiian. On the other hand, understanding the lyrics is probably not a big deal as the music here is the main draw. It's not that the singing is without merit (just the opposite), but understanding the words was not an impediment to my enjoyment of the disc.

Musical influences include Mediterranean and South/Central America with some subtle Hawaiian/tropical flavors mixed in as well. Most of the songs are laid-back and when rhythms appear, they are usually slow to mid-tempo. The vocal interplay between BecVar and Ariel on track Love's Eternal Flame is an album highlight. Despite the intended overt mystical/ metaphysical aspect of the album, the music is actually quite sensuous, which you'd expect since a Mediterranean flair presides over many tracks. The other accompanists, who are scattered throughout the CD's nine songs, all comport themselves admirably. Summing up, this is a well-done album and you certainly don't have to buy into the spiritual side of it to enjoy its sweet romantic pleasures.

WOW!!! UH……WOW!! So beautiful. I love music It means a lot to me….and so I wanted to really give myself time to listen when I had some time to only listen. What an amazing job you have done!! I felt a deep healing within and the more intently I listened I felt like even the whole city received a healing and blessing from your music. Each song is so beautifully done…. So grateful…… to listen and feel the amazing change especially around the heart chakra.Wow…thank you….very moved right now!!! Blessings and much love. – Aellyn Turiya Vallis, Host of Awakening Heart Network and TeleSummit Series, Recording Artist, Singer, Musician

Love the music… divine voice. – Monica Espinoza



Aurora, thank you for your heavenly music. Your voice is the sound of alchemical healing through the Feminine magic you have so much of! You walk this Earth as a Holy woman. I thank you on behalf of all who are touched by your Earthly presence and don't even realize it. Namaste. —Serena Hoke

I call it, "Love's Calling." Aurora’s singing is mystical and magical and divinely inspired. Exquisite soundings evoke remembrances of love and harmony of the ancient past, into the present and for the future– from this realm and others. These enchanted and evocative callings invite us to remember who we are and what we are here to do as love, with love- for creative personal and global transformation and peace. —Satya Deborah Kirsch, Somatic Educator, Therapist, California

It is beautiful, magical. I love love love it! I think the healing of all beings would be to find their personal language and song, and sing it, or drum it or play it…..this is the healing we all need now….to be the music, the song of spirit. Namaste, Serena.

I received your CD at this year's BEA in LA. I'm just now listening to it. It is beautiful and amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world. Your and Bruce's voices blend seamlessly for a sound that is both healing and transformative. I'm so excited to have you in my collection! —Lutishia Lovely, author, A Preacher’s Passion, Love Like Hallelujah, and Sex in the Sanctuary

I just listened to the whole Renaissance CD again and loved every minute of it! It helps me escape the seeming reality of illusion of my current life scenario! –Bruce BecVar, artist and vocalist on the album.

Within only moments of starting your C.D. on this beautiful morning, I have been brought to tears upon hearing your voice. I'm speechless! Thank you so much!  –Jody Mack, Broker, Aspen, Colorado

Beautiful! – Michal Cohen, Israel

I am just now listening to the CD and its very SWEET energy!  Definitely a lot of love emanates from the two of you on this project, a lot of Angelic presence as well as through your voice. Congratulations on what I KNOW is such a commitment for completion. Bruce’s guitar playing and vocal presence is, as usual, beautiful and strong. – Melanie Hutton, Recording Artist, Musician, Massage Therapist

Querida Aurora, Que bueno que el disco nació y mucha gente pueda escucharlo y abrir su corazón. Te felicito es un buen disco y también un saludo a los hermanos musicos que están en tu disco. Abrazos desde los andes de Perú. – Peruvian Shaman, musician, and Healer, Tito La Rosa

Aurora, Beautiful and Blessed Graces are crowning you, I am very happy that you are fulfilling your vision of singing healing into people's heart's and souls – I am feeling like our paths will also join with music and traditional Native American Chanting and water drums, rattles and flutes.  I know that we will create some very inspirational videos for meditative and contemplative healing for people and couples as well as children one day. – Fidel Moreno, Shaman, Film Maker

Andrew Sampson from Women of Change.. I came to work this morning and there was a friend request from you in I Peace.  Most of the time I ignore these because I have such a busy online life that….. Anyway, I decided to check you out before excepting your request, and on landing on your page discovered the beautiful song you are playing there. As it turns out one of the my most pleasant jobs is to act as an 'unofficial DJ' for the Women for a Change (Intl) Foundation's Community site here on Ning. The site has a constantly changing list of music from women musicians which is played when the WFAC supporters visit! And it is loved!!! So, I have just bought a couple of tracks from I Tunes (we always pay for the music) and 'Peace on Earth' is now playing there. Love to you and real beautiful music.





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