A New Frontier in Healing Multimedia Arts

Media is one of the most powerful ways we can facilitate change today because of its immediate affect upon the psyche. Understanding this, Alchemists of the New Millennium know that transmitting positive images, ideas, and language of a beneficial and healing nature can quickly shift consciousness, open up new doorways of thought, and empower individuals to be their best selves. Through conscious media we have a tremendous opportunity to assist in this next evolutionary leap in human consciousness and safeguard against the repetition of the mistakes of the past, assisting humanity to become Conscious Stewards of the Earth and inspiring them to bring forth their greatest gifts and achievements on behalf of a people and a planet. By helping catalyze this quantum shift, we become Alchemists of Media who have an important role to play in this New Millennium. At AEOS we are determined to make a difference! All our products are exquisitely designed with the highest quality materials, highest vibration of colors, images, and subject matter, and transmit, energetically and creatively, the highest frequencies. We believe our vast array of extraordinary products and services are destined to transform millions of lives throughout the planet and it is our JOY to fulfill that DESTINY on Earth.

Our Vision

Our Vision is of a Transformed World with enlightened people who are conscious stewards of the Earth, living in gratitude for the abundant gifts of a Benevolent Nature Kingdom. We believe that each drop of goodwill and right action poured into the Sea of Life has a rippling effect through ever radiating circles of positive energy that keep moving through our world blessing all. Our Intention is to gift the world with Inspired Music, Books, and Films and other timely offerings that bring Peace to the mind, Joy to the heart, and Illumination to the Soul, connecting each person with their True Essence, which is the Doorway to Healing and Peace. It is our Vision that the conscious intentions and benevolent actions of all of us together will make a difference to our planet, and that as each one of us rises to claim our True Destiny, the world will receive the bounty of our many gifts and unique talents. All together that can translate into an Age of Enlightenment and Peaceā€¦ A Worthy Intention for the New Millennium!