The Great Power Within

The Great Power Within
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD
We stand at the edge of a new era, a new opportunity to bring our empowered selves into the equation of planetary destiny. The flame of freedom is burning brightly in our hearts, catalyzing us to rise up and reclaim our authentic reality.
There is a vast change in consciousness heralded as the Shift of the Ages, and 2012 has become a keynote of this time. A significant prophecy around 2012 is that it is a time when a vast and powerful change takes place within the consciousness of humanity, catalyzing a drive for personal and planetary freedom that is not only gained by an outer means, but most importantly, by the inner transformation of self. This is a revolution in consciousness unparalleled in our earth history.
Transfigured by this alchemical process, we are never the same. What we once believed was important, all those reasons why we were driven, barely giving ourselves a life, all those pinnacles of power we gave our life’s blood to attain, fade away under the awesome power of the Illumined Self. Outdated, outworn elements within our consciousness dissolve before our eyes. We stand in the midst of the rubble of our past, finally awakened to that which was once imprisoned within an unconscious humanity. Becoming free, we move out of the stranglehold of generations of family patterns and reclaim our authentic power.
As these subconscious patterns give way, humanity is finally making room for a lost and powerful part of the human psyche that has the infinite wisdom to guide us out of the present dark era into a glorious future. Like a genie imprisoned for ages finally released from its bottle, the Authentic Self is rising back into its full power. 
Illumined and strong, it emerges untainted by anything we ever went through. It taps us into a force so strong, our life is completely changed. As we surrender to its ministry, we find a love that is beyond what we’ve known on earth. It is then we realize we’ve been orphans, lost souls without the loving guidance of a benevolent parental force. This has caused us to project godlike figures outside of ourselves, imagining what God would look and feel like, and many times we’ve imagined this being as fearful, judgmental, unloving, and cruel. Too many times we’ve viewed ourselves as unworthy, not good enough, unlovable, and felt undeserving of the highest gifts life has to offer. We’ve projected that feeling outside of ourselves, onto a God that we believe has abandoned us or found us wanting.
 The Authentic Self reconnects you with your Divine Source, helps you shed the fears of your past, and to step free of misconceptions about yourself. It shines a light on your pathway and helps you face the human conditioning that has caused so much suffering in your world. It beckons you to take the quest within to find the truth of who you really are. It reveals the lost parts of self, fragmented and in pain that reside below your conscious awareness that yet permeate every aspect of your life reinforcing a false sense of your identity. They must be healed for you to reclaim your authentic power. 
If you look around, you will see others who are undergoing this same internal process. Many of us are waking up at the same time, reviewing our past wounding and grappling with the meaning of all we’ve undergone. This is not easy! We must traverse some painful histories to find the truth of who we are. We must courageously face the dark regions of our psyche to access the lost part of us, a part that has seemed to be asleep for so long. 
As our search for truth dissolves the mystery behind our human patterning, we catch a glimpse of the awesome power of our True Nature. This inspires us to keep clearing the debris until this Great Power Within is fully excavated. A Sleeping Giant long waiting to be awakened, it rises from the ashes like a beautiful phoenix, powerful and strong. It longs to share its sacred knowledge with the world. Finally, its voice has begun to be heard within many nations, who are at last making room for its vision on earth. All the treasured ideals held by a wounded humanity come to light in this Indwelling Presence. The quest for peace, the longing for the transcendent love that fills our movies, the utopian ideals so many visionaries throughout time have dreamt of.
The Vision of a Transformed World lives within us. It has been etched into our souls and is a part of our psychological makeup. No matter how dark our journey becomes, it is like a beacon light of hope, drawing us back home. Now, after millennia of being lost in the wilderness of human patterns, the Authentic Self is breaking out of the bondage our human programming has relegated it to, to manifest its vision in our world. And yet, there has been a lot of fear around accessing this inner power. Like a Pandora’s Box, our inner world has been an unexplored mystery.  
In our attempt to avoid uncomfortable emotions, we may have cut off the voice of intuition and relied solely on the rational mind to guide our way, until we have felt lost and out of control. We long for clear direction, to get in touch with our innate wisdom, but sometimes we have trouble discerning which voice is the wise one. The part of us that is there to guide us at crucial moments in our lives may have receded to where it is seldom heard. Relegated to a fleeting insight or inspiration amidst the clamor of the outer world, it is the part of us that can guide us out of the entanglement of earthly challenges, and yet it has remained a vast treasure trove of wisdom and truth unexcavated.
As we attain the level of maturity and self-mastery that is so imperative to this age and to our present planetary equation, we empower our Authentic Selfhood in the physical world. We understand our psychology and become masters of our shadows. We shepherd our shadows and masterfully transform shadow aspects, restoring the facets of our true nature. We embody our highest destiny potential, empowering others around us to do the same. We reach the highest fulfillment of our planetary service.
Powerful in its ability to facilitate personal and planetary transformation, the Indwelling Presence beckons the troubled and weary to her shores. Like a glorious Goddess of a New Dawn, she is ready to impart the Sacred Mysteries of Life and to unveil the authentic selfhood that has been hidden behind the subconscious patterning that presently rules the world.
To return to authenticity, you must seek to retrieve this lost part of you. You must heal the false images of self and stop listening to the voices that leave you feeling disempowered and ashamed. When you give your Authentic Self the scepter of power in your life, you step on a path of freedom that brings an end to the programming that has created suffering in your world. This is the Ultimate Quest and one of the greatest adventures you can embark upon in your life.
When you are ready to take this journey within, to face the parts of you that are wounded, angry, or in pain, to unlock the inner code of your being and solve the mystery of who you are beyond your personality and social status, you will begin to reclaim your freedom. In the process, you must allow yourself to become unraveled, to literally come undone, as the human patterns and the challenging conditions they created are transformed. Submit yourself to the Indwelling Presence, letting go of all that you have thought was important or believe you needed, so you can have the freedom to express its intention for your life. Then, in every moment, live, move, and have your being within its vast presence, even as you free yourself from the last vestiges of human conditioning.
The Great Power Within is powerfully compelling planetary change and you are part of this incredible transformation. As earth inhabitants shift back to their authentic power, the earth is undergoing a Shift of the Ages. This change is miraculous and yet, it can be fraught with much suffering and pain as humanity realizes the errors of its past and traces the history of its disempowerment. Each of us must find all those places within where we moved away from the Authentic Self to embrace a human ideology, all those times we were programmed to live so much less than who we are. When we do this, our inner genius takes command, our full creative expression is released and our life is transformed.

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