Mastering Your Psychology

Mastering Your Psychology
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Our life challenges are a catalyst to positive change, because they call us to address subconscious patterns that are causing turmoil in our life, just as our current planetary challenges are causing us to rise to an extraordinary Earth Restoration Project. Challenges are a sign that something is wrong and in need of a remedy. They challenge us to become more conscious, loving beings, and this work begins within.

You cannot restructure your life and set things right by merely willing change into existence. It must come from within. The core patterns in charge of your challenging life circumstances lie in your subconscious. Therefore, it is to this body you must look to get to the heart of your problem. This will lead you to the pattern in charge. Reprogramming it is simple.

TheQuest Self Counseling Technique I provide in my third book, TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny, is an easy and effective way to eliminate the stress in your life. It allows you to explore your inner world and change your life from within. By doing this work at each challenging juncture, you gain mastery over your psychology and are no longer run by it. 

You can feel angry and outraged, or even violent. Within minutes, working with your upset ‘Inner Aspect,’ you can feel peaceful. You can be devastated and by the end of the self-counseling feel relief, knowing the rightness of everything that is happening in your life. You may feel overtaxed by financial obligations or responsibilities. By resolving the inner dynamic, you can move forward empowered, directed, and clear. You may be struggling with an addiction, overwhelmed by desires you can’t control, but when you do your Self Counseling each time you feel overpowered by these urges, you heal and resolve a facet of the pattern rather than succumbing to the addiction. The end result is freedom and peace.

Gaining mastery of your psychology is the key that can set you free. It is then you are released from a prison sentence that could have continued your whole life. TheQuest™ Self Counseling allows you to explore your inner world and change your life from within, a challenge that brings with it the opportunity of attaining the greatest self-mastery. 

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