A Heritage of Light

A Heritage of Light
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD
The Great Awakening that is taking place at this historic time is revealing a vast potential for our world, as timely advances, inventions, and cures heal the many conditions we are faced with on earth. A host of wondrous endeavors have begun flooding the planet, up-leveling our way of life. As the citizens of earth align with their Authentic Self, the Light of the Heaven Worlds is illuminating a pathway for humanity. The Authentic Self holds a Code of Light that connects us with a Divine Matrix that is presently illuminating the planet. This link-up between the heaven and human worlds is transforming the earth. It is birthing the global renaissance that is presently flooding the world with mystical imprints and a new archetypal patterning.
The time has come to allow the full radiance of our Authentic Self to be magnified in the world. To be swift in our self-counseling each time issues arise, so we are living more often in our True Nature. Each one of us who rises into this conscious state can touch the world in a profound way, affecting millions of lives by being a vessel of light to the world. It is from this state of being that an outpouring of timely creative endeavors can flow forth. 

Major consciousness shifts are taking place on the planet. We are in the midst of a worldwide awakening that could end the reign of suffering. We have entered the Time of the Great Alliance. Dedicated to a common vision and purpose, men and women are coming together to fulfill a Spiritual Destiny. We are uniting throughout the world and our alliance is powerful. Our mission to bring humanity into an Age of Enlightenment and Peace is being fulfilled.
Every one of us is important to this equation. We each have an important role to play. Special and unique, we have come to earth to lend our talents, gifts, insights, and vision to a world in transition. Humanity, the earth, and our beautiful children are receiving this Heritage of Light. Like a time capsule set on a powerful course, this inner equation is birthing a new world. 
Each day we have the opportunity to rise up from our busy lives and take our place as participants in this ‘Restoration Earth Project.’ We can join the ‘Grand Alliance,’ lending our conscious awareness and manifold gifts to a greater purpose. We are being called to heal the imbalances and schisms within our psyches so that the outer reflection of our inner wholeness can be made manifest as a transformed world. We are being drawn back to Love. We are being encoded with a reverence for Peace. We are being shown that to truly love others we must first love ourselves. When we love, honor, and respect ourselves enough, we will give ourselves a life of harmony, abundance, and peace. We will cease to allow wars. We will tend to our inner turmoil. We will take timely actions to heal and transform the wounded parts of self that have risen from our subconscious for healing. We will change our relationships by changing ourselves.
We will learn to create harmony in all our relationships by being conscious and by relinquishing the need to be right and to blame. We will take responsibility for the emotions and upsets that rise up within us and turn our attention to healing the parts of us that are calling for change. We will finally understand that our little wars are but a microcosmic view of the larger plays on earth and that when we cease fighting amongst ourselves, there will be no more war on earth. It is then we will allow Heaven to know its glory once again in the human world. It is then we will have stepped into the glorious future that is a signature of this new age and its promise to the souls of humanity.
Our planet hangs in the balance. Which way it will go is directly dependent upon what choices are made collectively by individuals and societies throughout the world in these next crucial years. It is imperative that strategic plans be implemented that will create the positive future scenario that is now within our reach. One of the most powerful ways we can implement change is to have a vision of where we are going. To perceive a grander potential allows us to work towards a higher purpose. 
We are encoded with new Archetypes for the New Millennium. We hold the key to birth this vision in the world. Riding on the wave of a new planetary momentum, it is the awakening ones who are bringing forth new models in every area of life. It is this vision that is presently manifesting its glory on earth. When we understand the power of this time and our role within it, we can more consciously lend our vision and heart to the work at hand. We can transform a world that seems like it is spinning out of control by lending our allegiance to a higher vision and working to bring forth our individual Divine Plan.

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