Bringing Light to the Darkness

Bringing Light to the Darkness Within
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Many times, we are overcome by the darkness that rises like a phantom from the deep ocean of our psyche. Triggered by an event or something someone says, we are overwhelmed with anger, hurt, frustration, or sadness.  These feelings can engulf us to a point where we may express unconsciously and then, feel "bad" for our actions. At these times, the most important thing we can do is to move into a place of compassion and loving with ourselves. 

When strong emotions are triggered in a relationship, it is too easy to vent our frustration, anger and hurt at the other person, destroying the love and trust, or to suppress our feelings, denying the hurt we feel inside. Some turn to tobacco, alcohol, or drugs to escape the pain. This only covers up issues, never allowing healing or resolution.

It takes practice and patience to master our psychology. The key is to lovingly address our issues as they arise. Turning our attention within, we can see what is behind our feelings, where we have felt this before, and what its effect on us has been.  Through an inner healing process I call Sacred Alchemy, we are able to identify unhealthy patterns, trace their history, and heal them for the last time, freeing ourselves from further suffering and pain.

Each time we do this, we are bringing light to the darkness within. We are lovingly embracing parts of self that are calling for attention and healing. To bring healing to our inner aspects allows us to move into greater health, happiness, and a sense of well being. In healing ourselves, we come back into our Power, and our Creative Expression is freed to bring its blessing to the world. At this crucial time on the planet, the greatest gift we can give ourselves is this loving attention, so that the wounds of our past and the patterns that have created havoc and pain in our lives is healed.

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