Suffering is Not the Will of God

Suffering is Not the Will of God
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Working with countless individuals over many years, I happened upon an amazing discovery. Our challenging outer circumstances were not the dictates of a displeased God administering suffering so that we could repay our sins or karma, but were manifesting from subconscious patterns born of self judgments and beliefs we took on by misunderstanding the true nature of our experience.

I found that we are not meant to suffer, that suffering is contrary to the Will of God and the Divine Intention for our life. Human patterns are what perpetuate suffering on Earth. Unaware of this important dynamic, humanity continues to live out of human conditioning rather than the Divine Plan that would manifest its higher, more loving peace filled vision.

The power the 21st Century Alchemist wields in healing the cause of suffering from within is tremendous. There is an immediate change as patterns in motion are stopped from further running their course. Dire conditions give way to blessed experiences, as you tend to the inner patterns behind your challenging life experiences. he time of misery is shortened and great lessons, understanding and insights are gained as you uncover the Jewels of Wisdom from the journey within.

Issues are a part of earthly life and yet we, as a humanity breaking into ever-new territories to advance ourselves forward, remain clueless on how to deal effectively with our emotions. Issues are never fully resolved by bringing them up over and over again as we try to work them out with another person. They need to be addressed in an inner healing forum, focused directly on the part of self that feels ‘abandoned, wounded, or hurt.’
Your upset is an inner part of you crying for attention. It wants to be healed. When you focus this upset outwardly, getting upset with someone you believe did something to you, the Inner Aspect is not helped or healed, and the hurt is left unresolved. Just talking about it or getting upset about it never brings a true and lasting resolution. That is why it will keeping coming up without resolve, and why people on this planet never get over things, no matter how much they spew and stew about their issues.

It is the same when you spiritually bypass your issues in search of peace. Many times this is a false peace, because the upset is still stewing within you, though this may have become unconscious, and can lead to illness of the body or mind.

Through years of pioneering work in the psyche, I found a quick way to resolve issues and heal core wounds and patterns. I developed a breakthrough Counseling Theory and Practice, TheQuest™, and distilled it into a seven step Self Healing Process that is easy to apply.

To completely resolve an issue or change a pattern, the Inner Aspect(s) in charge need to be healed. Taking them through TheQuest™ 7 steps, a complete healing takes place in each session and a history of pain is laid to rest as your future is transformed. When you heal your life, you change your destiny.

When you do your inner process each time issues arise, and get to it within 24 or 48 hours, you become a Master of your Psychology rather than remaining a victim to your fate. You live more often in your Authentic Self, and are clear, directed, and focused. Peace becomes a Way of Life, and when you move out of peace, you are there in an instant, masterfully working with the part of you that is hurt and healing a pattern has perpetuated suffering in your life.

I bring out more information on TheQuest™ and this Self Healing System in my book, TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny. I hope you will avail yourself of this powerful healing technology. It has made an incredible difference in my life and has been a saving grace many times!

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