The Shift of the Ages

Shift of the Ages
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

There is an internal shift taking place in the consciousness of humanity that is changing the very molecules of our world. It is literally undoing the dire potentials before us from within. As each person undergoes an internal healing of the Shadow, the Light Within is compelling positive change.
This change begins within our consciousness and is quickly felt in our personal lives. It then sends out a new vibration that has a rippling effect on the collective unconscious of humanity. Finally, the change becomes a physical, tangible reality on the planet. We are seeing this today as many dire prophecies and predictions for our time melt away before our eyes.
True Reality is intangible. It is the quantum physics that is continually in flux, consciousness in motion. We, as citizens of this planet, echo our consciousness through the galaxy, shifting physical reality by each nuance of our being, as we meld with the collective of the planet in a constant creation of our reality.
Our world is in transition to such a degree because a great shift is occurring internally, as the Shadow World that has created so much havoc in our outer reality is being transformed. We’ve entered an age that is distinctly violet, as personal and planetary transformation changes first the internal and then the external structure of our world.
We are facing dire circumstances, and our future looks uncertain. A Dark Night is fast approaching as countries and peoples are betrayed by those moved by greed. A nightmare is fast appearing on our horizon and in many nations has already arrived, but we can change it. As we make changes to our inner structures, reprogramming the patterns that have created problems in our lives, we take a leap in personal evolution with the rest of the millions of humanity who are now undergoing this quantum shift known as the Shift of the Ages.
Today we cannot adequately predict what will come upon us. It is in flux, and we make a difference. Each one of us is deciding our future today! We can move out of fear and trepidation, change the way we think and how we live, and reach new heights of attainment through the inner vista of supreme majesty and grace known as our Authentic Selfhood. Through the eyes of this Self, all is perfection. We can live that perfection today. It is a return to Eden through embodying the Edenic Consciousness, which is our innate selfhood beyond the human programming. When humanity has returned to the Eden Within… Eden will return to Earth.

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