Interviews w/ Healing Activations

P4240069Interviews and Divine Healing Activations
with Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD shares her landmark discoveries that have helped actualize potentials and assisted individuals worldwide to fulfill a higher destiny than the fate dictated by their human programs. Her interviews include powerful Divine Healing Transmissions and Activations. There is a special quality Aurora brings to these interviews as much healing flows forth to the listeners and also affects a positive planetary change. In each one, healing work is done with callers and Aurora facilitates a Divine Healing Transmission/Activation at the end. This is as strong in the replays as when listening to the live broadcast.

Each interview is filled with Aurora’s timely wisdom on the Coming Times (2012-2033) as well as the significant changes taking place in an Awakening Humanity. She shares her insights, knowledge and passes Alchemical Keys for Self Actualization, Self Empowerment and Self Discovery with real tools that can assist Awakening Souls to accelerate their own Ascension process and live more fully in their Authentic Selves.

The dynamic interchanges and information brought forth is exciting, uplifting and enlightening, bringing hope at a critical time on the planet. In Aurora’s words, “We have entered a time of a vast and incomparable change, where humanity reaches a maturity that can turn the tide on dire potentials leading us into a future of Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace. Understanding we are the ones who came to facilitate The Change is key, as is the importance of inner work to heal the schisms in the psyches of humanity, eliminating the old programs that create havoc in the world and keep individuals worldwide relegated to life sentences of suffering. It is the end of suffering as the world has known it and a time of great advancement, harmony and peace is at hand."


Earth 2012 2033
The Violet People
Catalysts of World Change

Interview by Ed Elsworth


TheQuest Story


A Higher Destiny Awaits!
Interview on Your Divine Uniqueness


Earth 2012 33: Gateway to the New World
Interview on Liah Howard Show


How to Live in Your Authentic Power & Manifest a Higher Destiny
Interview on Mauitopia


Global Healing For Personal and Planetary Transformation


Life Mastery: Reclaiming your Lost Power
Interview on Eram Saeed Show – From Heartache to Joy Summit


7 Alchemical Keys – Actualize Your Highest Potential
Interview on Eram Saeed Show


 How to Live Your Highest Destiny Despite Human Programs
Interview on Unleash Your True Purpose Summit


Actualize Your Full Potential & Bring Your Special Gifts to the World
Interview on Jazz with Judy Summit


What to Expect in the Coming Times
Interview on Grand Dark Conspiracy


How to Find Peace in a World of Chaos
Interview by Worth Grace


TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny
Interview on Soul Speak Summit


A Magical Journey into the Healing Power of Music
Interview on Awakening Heart Network


Earth 2012 – 2033 Update
Interview by Margaret Wendt


Divine Healing Activation
Interview on Awakening Heart Network


Reclaiming Your Lost Identity
Interview on Awakening Heart Network


The Future Unveiled!
Interview on Metaphysical World


The Truth About 2012 – 2033


Power of the Feminine Spirit
Interview on Communicating From the Heart
Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD with daughter, Mariah

More about Dr. Aurora Ariel's work:

Over the years, the most complex cases have been brought to her with miraculous results. Countless individuals are now released from what would have been life sentences of suffering in conditions once thought incurable, unchangeable or irreversible. Many have benefited from her holistic approach with advanced healing protocols and personalized Optimum Health and Lifestyle Plans that moved them quickly into a life they never dreamed possible.

No longer relegated to a fate dictated by subconscious programming, the results have been a tremendous testimony to the power of the human spirit to rise out of the ashes of the human condition to fulfill a Higher Destiny than the fate that would have been dictated by their human patterns. Dr. Ariel found the way! The achievements of her clients and students speak to a miraculous way of life that only now, in our time, has become available. Dr. Ariel is one of the pioneers leading humanity out of the Dark Night of past ages.

Proving a way out of this age old dilemma through applying TheQuest Principles and Practice in her own life as well, Dr. Ariel has demonstrated that even the worst experiences can be overcome. "Humanity no longer needs to live out of the wounds of the past, leading a limited, disempowered existence, perpetuating the unconscious actions of their ancestors. When you heal your life, you change your destiny!"

Read more about Dr. Ariel's landmark discoveries in the award winning Earth 2012-33 series, and about her breakthrough Self Healing System in 'TheQuest: Heal Your Life Change Your Destiny.' If you are interested in healing your life and changing your destiny, be sure to get TheQuest complete Self Healing System (book, TheQuest Healing Journal and TheQuest 7 Steps CD).

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