Redemption Through Healing

Redemption Through Healing
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Unconscious patterns are driving the world to the brink of destruction. Even the threat of Hell over the last two millennia has not helped to change this inner dynamo that is causing so much havoc on the planet. We are a technologically advanced society that is still in diapers emotionally. We are a programmed race that must step out of our self-destructive programming if we are going to create a different future than the dire one before us.

Beneath our conscious awareness and contrary to our intention for harmony and world peace, this programming is creating the same dramas our ancestors endured, because it is has never been addressed. It lives on today as we conquer nations and decimate centuries of human endeavor with bombs and warfare. To date, the inner key to this mystery has eluded the masses. Instead, myths have traversed the centuries as religious leaders have sought to make sense of the misery many endure.

Now the global situation is mounting. Wars, violence, virulent epidemics, economic collapse and more are driving home the fact that it is time for us to come of age, to become mature citizens of this world, and to throw off archaic beliefs that have perpetuated hardship and struggle on earth. We must heal the patterns that have progressed us to this critical point in time, before it is too late.

The Saint Martyr is one of the most dangerous and dominant patterns I’ve found in the human psyche. At the heart of this pattern are core beliefs that we are bad and unredeemable, and therefore deserve punishment. We must be martyred to redeem ourselves in the eyes of God, so we willingly allow ourselves to be mistreated, abused, or challenged by endless struggles, or we give our whole life in service to others while denying our own needs. Women have practiced this self-abandonment for millennia, and only recently have they arisen en-mass to claim their equal rights, because at last they are seeing their true value. One need only look around to see all the ways humanity is being martyred today, and the great suffering that is taking place because of this one programming, “I am bad, therefore I deserve to suffer.”

When we know our true value and worth, we do not allow others to abuse us. When we respect and love ourselves, we begin managing our lives more wisely. We find ways to free ourselves from unconscious patterns that are creating hardship and strife. We no longer punish ourselves for our misdeeds. Instead, we look compassionately at our unconsciousness and we correct our course. This puts us on a Path of Soul Advancement that is refining and empowering.

Like the threat of Hell, countless destructive myths have been perpetuated by well meaning societies and religions who have striven to keep humanity off the wayward path and yet, the immense suffering that has occurred has proven that punishment is not an effective form of redemption. We don’t need to be martyred, tortured, or harmed to purify or extinguish the ‘evil’ part of our nature.

We are pure. At the core of our being there is perfection, not evil. We have an innate goodness and creative genius that is powerful and wise. It is the part of us that is ever working for our greater good. We have a conscience that tells us when we’ve acted unconsciously or unkindly. This authentic part of our nature wants us to be conscious, enlightened, peaceful, and loving. It stirs us to better ourselves and catalyzes our advancement as souls traversing a unique planet.

Purification through compassionate healing is a way we can tend to our inner world and emerge more enlightened and free. Living more often in our Authentic Selfhood is the key, rather than continually punishing ourselves because we are bad.

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