First Light of a New Dawn

First Light of a New Dawn
By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD
There is something very wondrous taking place.
Even now, we are beginning to see the first light of this New Dawn.
All that we have known is about to change.  
All that we thought we were is about to unravel.
The world is going through a shift because a change is occurring within us.
 It is an inner transformation, powerful and profound.
Incredible and spectacular, it is compelling the world to change around us.
Because of its magnitude, the earth will never be the same.
There is a powerful movement of positive change sweeping the earth today and yet, it is relatively silent amid all the catastrophes and calamities in the daily press. While humanity is fixated on the problems of human living and overwhelmed with the strain of personal survival, a glorious and ever expanding possibility looms on the horizon.  
This beacon of light is now beginning to be seen even by those scientists and prophets who have beaten the drums of planetary doom. As crises worldwide escalate, noble souls are being driven to make a difference. Forming alliances that are far reaching, the power of this intention is increasing exponentially. The cause and effect of this vast planetary change signifies a leap in conscious evolution unlike anything the world has ever known.
Individuals worldwide are undergoing a revolution in consciousness that is translating into an estimated 144,000 organizations, companies and movements working towards positive change. These organizations are addressing every condition on earth with clear intentions, a sense of purpose, and a dedication to fulfill a planetary mission. Each group represents a nucleus of individuals who are leaders aligned for a positive future and many have members in the thousands if not millions across the globe.
This is a global movement beyond comprehension, born from an inner rather than an outer dictated ideology. There is no one person or group heading it, nor is it born of an inspiration passed to the masses through eloquent speeches. The vision of a healed planet is catalyzing souls worldwide to take a stand, and to make a difference that changes the outcome of the earth’s destiny, fulfilling the prophecies of 2012.
The Indian Nations had a name for these people, who they foretold would be born throughout the world at a time of great darkness on the planet, when the earth would tremble, the airs and waters would become polluted, and humanity would face grave challenges. They called them the Warriors of the Rainbow because they would represent the full spectrum of colors within the human race. Indian Elders spoke of the great change that would take place on earth initiated by these leaders, teachers, and healers who would lead humanity away from global destruction into a time of peace. 
Significantly, there are many other prophecies from different traditions that speak of our ascent into a more enlightened era around 2012, but each acknowledges the immense challenges we will first face and the birthing pains we will endure to pass into this New World.
The vision of a transformed world has forever been encoded in the hearts of humanity, but we have not known how to realize it. It is a fire that burns within us. It is a beacon light to the world. It is a hope to the downtrodden and an inspiration to the weary. It calls out of the dark night, illuminating the future before us. If we listen to its silent call, if we gather up our strength and follow its directive, we can emerge victorious from the grip of dire planetary conditions. 
The power of this Vision is great. It will not allow people to rest, to become over-engaged with their personal lives or enveloped in pursuits of a purely selfish nature. It has called individuals worldwide into the field as Warriors of Light come to challenge the darkness on the planet and to deliver the earth safely into the future. It has launched a host of movements that are changing the very nature of life on earth.
The fact that the prophecies for our time are coming true and that millions of people are now dedicated to positive planetary change, speaks to the very real possibility that we can overcome this Dark Night. We can turn the tide on challenging planetary affairs and move our planet into an Age of Enlightenment and Peace.
We are in the midst of a vast and almost incomprehensible change and each one of is a part of it. Each one of us makes a difference to our present planetary equation. Whether we embrace the vast changes before us and ride the wave of this new planetary destiny, continue on in unconsciousness as the world becomes unraveled around us, or hide our heads like ostriches in the sand as our world is completely destroyed, it is the same. We are making a difference, whether for good or ill. We have come to the turning point. What will we choose? Extinction or advancement, the future is in our hands.

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