The Great Alignment Global Awakening Activation

The Great Alignment Global Awakening Activation
Preparing the Way for a Great Victory in the Earth!

Receive a Powerful Upgrade & Body Re-Calibration Aligning you with the New Earth

Experience this Powerful Release of Light Codes from Divine Realms 
Upgrading Every Level & Area of Your Life, Restoring You to Your Innate Divinity 
Dissolving Programs & Coding Causing Aging, Suffering & Disease 
along with limitations & blocks to fulfilling your Divine Plan 
and your ability to live an Abundant Life

Receive at half price now!! Limited time only! ($168)



As we entered 2018, we passed through a portal into the New Earth. However, to fully partake of this new dimension, one must be in the right consciousness, living at a high vibratory rate to participate in it. More than ever, from this Activation and the increased energies streaming into the planet from Higher Realms and Cosmic Waves, the New Earth is becoming a physical tangible reality for those who are ready. Now is the time for the preparation… to cleanse heart, mind and soul… step free of the past and embrace the glorious future. It is now within your reach!

Are you ready to receive the Great Alignment Initiation? The Divine Ones are ready to assist you to awaken to who you really are… so that you are in resonance with the New Earth Vibration manifesting into physical reality. As Violet Souls have undergone the Great Cleansing… a Global Awakening has taken place. Now, the time has come. The New Earth is ready to become a more fully present experience for Awakening Ones worldwide. Join us for this personal and planetary upgrade and feel the change take place in your consciousness, being and world. As we come together under the auspices of the Divine Hosts of Light, a New World is born.

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