Global Awakening Meditation & Activation Video

Global Awakening Activation
Preparing the Way for a Great Victory in the Earth

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The Global Awakening Meditation & Activation on the Solstice, our 3rd Golden Ticket Event, was one of the most spectacular events ever. As if the gifts from the Divine Ones each Global Healing Forum are not enough, to receive a second offering this month of this magnitude was incredible. We were bathed in a tremendous field of illumined energy, transfigured by the timely Divine Assistance and in awe of the miraculous offerings. It began with powerful actions by the 7 Elohim and their Divine Complements who brought us to their abode in the Realms of Light, infusing and encoding us with their Divine Presence and Way of Life. Next, Mother Mary transported us to her Rose Temple of Divine Love where she anointed us and her angels ministered to us. Then our Future Selves brought us to the future where we became fully encoded and infused with our illumined lives there, which we were then assisted in anchoring back at this time point. It was spectacular! I am completely transformed, feeling the upgrade in so many ways and areas of my life. Happiness has increased. I'm more aware of the beauty that is everywhere around me and I find I stay calm when dealing with uncomfortable dynamics with others. This time, it was a Live Global Video Broadcast with some attending in Denver, truly a night to remember. A whole new timeline is in place and the future is more glorious than ever!!!

Note: There are some noises at different points that couldn't be edited out, though everyone said the energy and experience was off the charts and how amazing it was as the Divine Transmissions started… how so much of the noise quieted down!


Message from Divine Realms

Now comes the LIGHT of the Ages as the fallen aspects give way to the glorious Freedom that awaits each soul striving in this time for Unity, Harmony, and Love. Now is the Change that humanity has vowed to undergo in this illustrious time. Now comes the Divine Assistance from Realms on High to light the world and set the people free.

Receive the Activation of the Solstice Sun as the Divine Codes are ignited and the Crystalline Pattern of Perfection is restored. Step free of the chains of the past, the trauma and travail. Watch as your soul is cleansed from all that has beset you and held you back. This by Divine Grace. All the patterns you took on can be erased and the Divine Matrix restored easily within you. Do not fear. The Light of the Ageless Ones is upon you. The Grace from Divine Realms descends. The Light of your Divine Presence is ignited as you come into alignment with the Highest Destiny Potential in this time. So are you Vessels of a Mighty Light and Change whose time has come. So does the Dark Night end and the Glory of the Edenic Prophecy begin. It is time!

We who dwell in Heaven Realms come at a time of great import to assist you to make this leap in Soul Evolution so you can stand illumined in this world, a conduit of Great Light. We bring the templates for the New World that are also encoded in your DNA, the Soul Purpose for which you came to Earth at this time. We dream in the Glorious Day with you as the old era ebbs away and the archaic systems fall. We rejoice in the changing of the timelines that are bringing you into a New Era. As the inner is healed, the outer shifts. As the residues of trauma are released and transformed in the light, a new day appears.

This is the Sacred Alchemy we call you to. The Great Cleansing we shall initiate on the Solstice as you come prepared with clear intentions and an openness to be released from all that has held you back and kept you from fully realizing your Divine Destiny and Divinity in the Earth. Now is the time to consecrate your energies to the LIGHT, to prepare the way for others who will be led and inspired by you. Now is the time to rise into your full glory. On the Solstice, we shall change the very molecules of this Earth Reality into a greater beneficence than souls have known for many an era. Together we reignite the world and set the template of Eden that is the highest destiny potential at this time. Know you can make this passage to the the New World. Your Inner Divine Self will guide your way and we of the Divine Realms will illuminate your Pathway of Light.

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