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FORMAT: A Live Global Broadcast that provides a deeply transformative Sacred Healing Temple – Mystery School Experience like in the Ancient Temples of Lemuria. Healing will be flowing to all present and humanity. Fascinating guests will be adding to the conversations with their expertise and talents.

ESSENCE: An extraordinary, deeply sacred, powerfully healing, life transforming experience as knowledge is transferred, callers receive insights and healing, fascinating guests lend their expertise and knowledge to the topic, and the audience undergoes a shift in consciousness, awakening to a greater awareness of themselves, their destiny, and the future.

INTENTION: To bring hope to an Awakening Humanity, transfer timely knowledge, alchemical keys, powerful life transforming tools, wisdom, and healing in an experiential soul advancing experience.

THEMES: Planetary Awakening, Global Renaissance, Alchemical Keys to Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace, Self Actualization, Ascension, Acceleration of Soul Advancement, Healing, Sacred Mysteries of the Soul, Sacred Relationship: A Path to Wholeness, True Wealth: A State of Being and Our Divine Birthright, Destiny vs Fate, TheQuest: How to Heal Your Life, Revitalize your Relationships, and Change Your Destiny, Personal and Planetary Transformation, Earth 2012-2033: The Future Unveiled, the Violet People, Portents of this Historic Time, Sacred Prophecies, and Prophetic Visions.

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Tune into these shows starting January 5th, 2017!

JANUARY 5TH: Return of the Oracle. As the Feminine Spirit Rises…Oracles, Mystics, Medicine Women and Priestesses re-emerge on the planetary scene to assist in the Awakening. Dr. Ariel opens show with a historical review of priestesses, Oracles, ancient temples, civilizations (Greece, Lemuria, Egypt), the end of the time of Priestesses and their re-emergence in this time. GUEST: Turiya Valli, Co Founder and Host of Awakening Heart Network lends to the conversation on significant ancient histories, the Oracles, and the rise, fall and reemergence of the priestess/healer on the planetary scene. She has been privileged to interview some of the most transformational spiritual healers on the planet and she loves to help people remember the truth of who and what they are and awaken to their own Inner Divine. Turiya is also an award winning singer/songwriter, author, and behavioral therapist.

JANUARY 12TH: Global Enlightenment: A Planetary Awakening, Global Renaissance, and Glorious Future Unveiled. Speaking to the Awakening that is changing the world as we know it. Guest: Ashok Gangadean, a professor of philosophy at Haverford College, founder and Director of the Global Dialogue Institute, founder of the Logos Institute, and co-convener of the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality. See His Website Now. His work merges Eastern and Western philosophy into one of universal reason, taking humanity beyond duality and into a unified philosophy. He is the author of several books, including Meditative Reason: Toward Universal Grammar, and Between Worlds: the Emergence of Global Reason. “Perhaps the single most powerful event facing humanity today is a great awakening on a planetary scale that has been millennia in the making. We humans are in the midst of a profound advance as a species to a higher form of global consciousness that has been emerging across cultures, religions and worldviews through the centuries. This awakening of global consciousness is nothing less than a shift, a maturation, from more egocentric patterns of life to a higher form of integral and dialogic patterns of life.” – Ashok Gangadean

JANUARY 19TH: The Violet People: The New Planetary Culture that is Transforming our Future. Includes: The Violet Signature, the Mission the Violets are here to Fulfill, and how the planet will never be the same because they are here. Includes information on the new planetary culture (Cultural Creatives ) and the significance of this Global Awakening. Guest: Will Wilkinson, Author of Now or Never: A Time Traveler's Guide to Personal and Global Transformation (and 7 other books). His latest book champions individual heroics in contributing to global transmission. He is also the co-founder of Academy of Natural Wisdom and a senior consultant with Luminary Communications in Ashland, Oregon.

JANUARY 26TH: Time of the Awakening Soul: How 400 Million People are Changing our Future. Dr. Ariel shares the exciting demographics that has launched an unprecedented Planetary Awakening and Global Renaissance that is changing our future, introducing the Violet People, prophecies of this illustrious soul group and its destiny on Earth. Find out the largest planetary trend's significance to Earth’s future. Guest: Alan Steinfield, founder and host of New Realities, an organization and video program dedicated to exploring new perception and ideas about the spiritual dimensions and how we are moving into greater conscious awakening. He has investigated many aspects of the consciousness movement with research into UFOs, Ancient civilizations, quantum physics, past life memories and most of all the activation of the Higher Soul. See more information on his website or his popular YouTube channel.


Topics in February and onward… (subject to change)

The Reluctant Priestess: How Millions are Finding the Courage to Stand forth in the LIGHT. Just as humanity is being called to fully awaken and the priestesses, healers, Way Showers and teachers must rise to bring their timely offerings to a world, many are finding it daunting to reveal this deeper mystic side to themselves. Dr. includes her own personal story of being awakened in her teens and all that led to her destiny on Earth, as well as her reluctance to step fully into the role of priestess that she realized is the culmination of her destiny beyond pioneering doctor/scientist, healer, and teacher. She and her guest bring a timely remedy with a glimpse into why it is safe for all of us to be the truth of who we are now!

The Yoga of Enlightened Living: Guest, Nathan Gangadeen shares about his extraordinary lineage and how his father, a Master Teacher, Ashok Gangadeen, helped him awaken more fully to his Inner Truth and a Destiny that has called him since his youth. Weaving his own spin on the Science of Enlightenment, this extraordinary musician, songwriter, producer, yoga instructor, life coach, teacher and father brings a wealth of wisdom that is an energetic transference of a Way of Life and Being that inspires our own emergence into our Authentic Self.

Signs of the Times: Sacred Prophecies, Prophetic Visions, and Ancient Mysteries Unveiled. Understanding the significant time we are in, Dr. Ariel speaks to the vast change underway that is transforming the planet on every level, taking us into a future that has long been prophesied, yet looks impossible when seen from the challenges and dire potentials humanity yet faces.

Earth 2012 – 2033: The Future Unveiled. Aurora speaks to her own awakening, early visions and divine visitations showing her the dire potentials she and many others had come to avert, and her journey into the future in 2012 to see for herself the portents of the Coming Times.

The Violet Age: A Return to Eden: How to Live an Abundant Life, Anchoring Heaven on Earth in Your Own Life Experience. Dr. Ariel lends her expertise to the conversation on how to Live an Abundant Life… and when humanity attains that ‘state of consciousness’ that is Abundance and that manifests that in its outer reality, we’ll have a return of the Garden of Eden on Earth, with a reset in governments and every area of life including the initiation of a Divine Economy that allows abundance for all.

The Golden Age: End of the Reign of Darkness, Birth of an Age of Light. Delving deeply into the ancient history (Garden of Eden), Lemuria, and other cultures that had Golden Ages, and what the future is looking like now that a mass awakening is taking place.

Sacred Alchemy: The Inner Transfiguration that is Transforming our World. Dr. Ariel shares her landmark findings… what is the Cause of Suffering and the remedy she developed to assist an Awakening World. Introduces TheQuest as a means to heal ancient wounds, step free of human programs, setting the soul free to fully actualize… and how living in our Authentic Self most of the time allows a Higher Destiny to be fulfilled.

TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny. A Life Mastery Path to Self Discovery, Self Actualization, and Self Empowerment. Find out how to Live a Miraculous, Abundant Life, Realizing Your Greater Potential and Fulfilling a Higher Destiny than the Fate Your Human Programs Would Dictate. Aurora adds more to the conversation of the Global Awakening and Ascension underway, sharing about TheQuest 7 Steps and how it can quickly restores us to our Authentic Selves despite the issues and blocks we continually face. Aurora takes guest (Turiya Vallis) through the 7 steps, showcasing how easy it is to resolve every issue, heal every pattern, and change the challenging conditions in our lives.

True Wealth: An Illumined State of Being. Alchemical Keys to Living the Abundant Life. Exploring higher states of consciousness and wise stewardship of one’s life, Aurora leads the conversation on how True Wealth can be attained.

The Sacred Mysteries of Love: Relationship as a Path to Wholeness. Aurora showcases the way to use relationship issues as a catalyst to an unparalleled soul advancement, upleveling the relationship as each person heals and transforms their lives and masterfully lives in their Authentic Self most often. Guest: Relationship expert adds to the conversation of how to be a living presence, conscious relationship, and bring our greatest gifts to the world, positively impacting the future.

Divine Visitations: A Sign of the Times! Across the planet, divine visitations have become a way of life for many who are undergoing a spiritual awakening. Dr. Ariel speaks about all the Divine Interventions taking place today helping the Awakening of Souls Worldwide.

Oracles of the Sea: Extraordinary Encounters with Dolphins. One of the most powerful worldwide phenomenon helping facilitate the Awakening in Humanity, this show is filled with amazing stories by credible people who underwent extraordinary life changes swimming with the dolphins.

Ascension Earth: The planetary change and global awakening that is rocking our world.

The Lemurian Destiny Codes: How our ancient past is being revealed in this time, as ancient temples are uncovered and humanity discovers a highly advanced technological era that is even beyond our technology today. As souls awaken to a Way of Life that once was the prevalent reality on Earth, humanity is undergoing a Great Transfiguration. Through this shift to a more conscious stewardship of the Earth, a glorious future is being unveiled.

Sedona: Ancient Lands, Ancient Histories. The Lemurian/Egyptian Connection.

Egypt: Land of Mystery and Future Potential: Dr. Ariel discusses what she uncovered when leading a group to Egypt, how advanced technologies once graced our world in ancient times and how spiritual awakening is key to technological advancement, otherwise we end up with a prison planet. GUEST: Egyptologist, Mohamed Abrahim

Eternal Youthfulness: an Enlightened Way of Life. Dr. Ariel discusses why the principles and practice of Sacred Alchemy allow us to live more often in our eternally youthful, playful, and radiant healthful self.

The Divine Codes: Immortality, Abundance and Destiny, A Gift from the Realms of Light to Awaken Humanity. Dr. Ariel discusses her connection to the divine realms, human programming, DNA restoration, and how the Divine Sponsors of her 7 vehicle Global Healing Mission have been blessing Awakening Souls worldwide with Divine Healing Transmissions, restoring the Divine Codes. Ends with a Divine Healing Transmission for personal and planetary transformation.

Healing Power of Music: Sacred Songs from the Realms of Light. Dr. Ariel discusses the songs that poured forth from her ‘homeland in the Heavens’ in 1998 that include healing matrixes and archetypes for the New World. She shares how important it is for us to partake of healing music, while being careful of music that is detrimental to our wellbeing and health. Her music is played throughout in small clips.

The Healing Power of Love: Divine Healing Transmissions from the Realms of Light. Dr. Ariel shares about her experience in Mt Shasta, where she underwent preparation of a Divine Release (7 Divine Healing Transmissions) that are transforming lives throughout the planet.

The Soul's Journey: Preparation and Embodiment on Earth and How this Lifetime is the Most Significant of All. Dr. Ariel speaks about her hypnosis journey where she went into the Realms of Light to find out about this most important topic. Goes into Violet People, the Global Awakening and more.

Sacred Alchemy of the Soul: A Path to Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace. Dr. Ariel speaks to the Inner Transfiguration that is changing the lives of millions across the planet and how this is birthing a new more enlightened world. Goes into the End of Suffering and the Ascension.

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