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7.4.15 GHF w/7 Ray Activations

8.8.15 GHF w/Abundance Activation

9.9.15 GHF w/Emerald Ray Activation

10.10.15 GHF w/Blue Ray Activation

11.11.15 GHF w/Violet Ray Ascension Activation

12.12.15 GHF w/Sacred Heart Activation

1.1.16 GHF w/White Fire Activation

2.2.16 GHF w/Twin Flame Activation

3.3.16 GHF w/Earth Star Activation

4.9.16 GHF w/Diamond Light of Love Activation

5.14.16 GHF w/Ascension in the Light Activation

6.11.16 GHF w/Light Victorious Activation

7.9.16 GHF w/Freedom's Holy Light Activation

8.13.16 GHF w/Golden Age Abundance Activation

9.10.16 GHF w/Golden Light of Peace Activation

10.8.16 GHF w/Rose Light of Love Activation & Anointing by Mother Mary

12.3.16 GHF w/Planetary Transformation Alpha & Omega Activation

12.10.16 GHF w/Light of the Christos Seraphim Activation

1.14.17 GHF w/Divine Logos Activation by Alpha and Omega

2.11.17 GHF w/Divine Love Activation by Eros and Amora, the Elohim of Love

3.11.17 GHF with Cornucopia of Wealth Activation by Fairy Queen Fiona

4.8.17 GHF w/Awakening the Lost Codes by God and Goddess Meru

5.13.17 GHF w/Sacred Destiny Codes from Future

6.10.17 GHF w/Light Code Activation from the Future 2023

7.8.17 GHF w/Crystalline Code Activation from the Future

8.8.17 GHF w/888 Abundance Alchemy Activation

8.12.17 GHF w/Elysian Fields Activation

9.9.17 GHF w/Crystal Light Activation

10.14.17 GHF w/Ancient Codes Activation by the Whales

11.11.17 GHF w/Codes of Destiny by 7 Seraphim

12.9.17 GHF w/Christic Light Code Activation
by Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary & Sacred Divine Priestesses

1.13.18 GHF w/Ascension Activation Alignment
by Elohim Lumina & Sacred Priestesses of the Light

2.10.18 GHF w/Flame of Truth Activation
by Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth

3.10.18 GHF w/Prosperity Acceleration Activation
by Queen Fiona & King Shahalian of the Fairy Kingdom &
the Divine Sponsors of the Temple of Sacred Alchemy & this Global Healing Mission

4.14.18 GHF w/ Ascension Accelerator Activation
by Serapis Bey, Hierarch of the Ascension

5.12.18 GHF w/Light of Shamballa Golden Age Activation
By Gautama Buddha & 7 Buddhas of Shamballa

6.9.18 GHF w/Crystalline Fire Activation
By the Crystalline Fire Elements & Hosts of Light

7.9.18 GHF w/ Shekinah Glory Activation
by Alpha & Omega, Representatives of the Father/Mother God,
7 Elohim & their Divine Complements, Mother Mary & 7 Archangels & Archeia
& Divine Sponsors of the Temple of Sacred Alchemy & this Global Healing Mission & Activity of Light

8.11.18 GHF w/ Divine Alchemy Activation
by the Guardians of Light from the Future, Our Future Selves and Hosts of Light

9.8.18 GHF w/ New Earth Activation
by the Guardians of Light from the Future, Elementals of Earth, Our Future Selves and Hosts of Light

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